Is channel mixing permitted?

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Is channel mixing permitted?

Postby hallcp » Wed Aug 27, 2008 10:18 pm

One of the more successful skippers at my local club has his boat set up in a unique way. He has the jib and main servos on different RC channels, but at the transmitter they are mixed back into a single control.

He thinks he's in compliance with the rules because he only has the two sticks, one for sails and one for rudder.

But I'm not so sure. The rules seem pretty specific about what channels may be used, and for what. If it is legal, I might want to try this on my own boat. If not, I want to know about it before I re-rig my boat!

Has anybody heard of this before? And was it considered within the class rules?

Thanks so much,

Charles Hall
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Postby Capt. Flak » Wed Aug 27, 2008 10:37 pm

Charles, the rules do not speak of sticks or knobs on the transmitter. They simply state that only four things may be controlled by radio: Rudder, Main Sail Sheet, Jib Sail Sheet and Jib Twitcher.

Mixing channels into one stick does not matter. What does matter is that in the boat there are no more than four servos and that they are only controlling the above functions.

I once talked about the idea of controlling the backstay with the sail winch. As the sails were eased passed a certain point the backstay would begin to loosen. My thought was that I was not using more servos, but it was quickly pointed out that I was still using the radio to control a function that was not permitted. Now that would have been illegal.

So I say you are good to go with a mixed channel so long as you are not controlling anything besides what is permitted.

I am sure someone will correct me soon. But I think I am right (this time).

Joe Walter #24
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Capt. Flak
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Postby Rick West » Wed Aug 27, 2008 11:11 pm

You are in my opinion, Joe. The mixing of radio functions has increased in the recent years through programming of the TX. In the old days circuits were created to mix functions like in the Tacking Process stated in the Manuals. Then there has been the dual stick set ups like for the Nautical Commander or German modifications to the Robbie control system. These are legal within the rules like Joe says.

Many use a tacking sheet system that suits them. This is not a problem. As long as you are not violating the printed rule, you do not need to have an email exchange to get online.

Charles, you have a go. Just do not violate the printed word regarding the four items of control like Joe had presented.

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Rick West
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Postby hallcp » Thu Aug 28, 2008 7:06 am

Thanks for the response!

Using two servos and swing arms seems to open up some below deck possibilities that are pretty interesting.
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Postby W Wagner » Thu Aug 28, 2008 4:40 pm

This one got my attention. I have been considering this setup for when I update my boat this winter and retire the failing ozmun arm winch that sounds like a vacuum cleaner. I was considering using two Hitec 815BB’s at $49.00 a pop, or if I am feeling rich two 5990TG’s at $124.00 a pop, mounted on their side with the arms facing up. With the mixing I think it is a cool setup. It allows you many more options trimming the sails while maneuvering the boat around marks or the starting line, you know steering with the sails, which is fast. It also allows you to deal with being over powered upwind and on reaches a bit more aggressively. I think you could also do away with the “twitcherâ€
W Wagner
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