We are all guilty of it. So many items to support the new or old EC12 sailor but we take them all for granted. These are various resources available to all. Many of these are repeated elsewhere in this site. But you never can have too much of a good thing.

EC12 Organizational Sites
  www.ec12.org You're here now. Take your time, look around. Make sure you bookmark or save to your favorites folder
  www.ec12.com No, you haven't missed anything, this is just the site that preceded this. The "dot-com site" has been retired for now.
AMYA Home of the American Model Yachting Association. Can't imagine why anyone would want to sail anything but an EC12. Rumor has it, they are training to move up to our class.
  Florida EC12 Website of the Florida EC12 Association. There are enough members here to almost form their own country!
  EC12.NZ Our good friends in the southern hemisphere love the EC12 just as much as we do. Check out their site
  EC12.AU Not to be outdone, the Aussie's race 12's also.
EC12 Construction Info
  Suppliers A list of suppliers commonly used by the EC12 builder
  EC12.Info The Grand-daddy of them all. Rick West has spent countless hours documenting the construction of EC12's. We won't say everything is covered here but it has almost everything. Be prepared for an overload of information.
Caution: the site is photo intensive.
  EC12Web A picture is worth a thousand words. Paul Proefrock has taken his camera to the shop and also to major regattas. He probably has documented every current boat, including the champions! Curious on the different ways things are done, his photos will show you at least two methods on about everything.  One of the rules of the EC12 group - there are no copyrights or design patents. We willingly share our thoughts, ideas and processes.
  EC12 Discussions Check out this lively chat group. Class champions willingly share suggestions and comments while beginners and old-timers alike, post their questions. Remember the adage, "the only dumb question is the one not asked"
    Tower Hobbies Home Page  
Sailing Info
  Racing Rules Sailboat racing is more than having a fast boat, it can be likened to a chess game. To play properly and win, you need to know an understand the rules. If you don't have a copy of the rule book, you can download it in PDF format here.
  Racing Rules, Readers Digest version A one page printable document from US Sailing
  Racing Rules Briefings Published racing rule situations and explanations. This are being posted as they are presented in EC12Net, the Class Newsletter.
  Racing Rules
On-Line Quiz
This on-line quiz is a great way to learn the rules. Select easy, mid or difficult. The quiz throws illustrations at you and keeps a score. It really helps - Try it
  Sailing with tell-tails What do those wavy little strips do on the sail? If you don't know about tell-tails, this outlines it all.
  Sailing terms Sometimes, the language can be very confusing. Head up, sheets, athwartships - we have a strange language. This site turns those vague terms into English