Mother nature did her best to try to keep attendance down.  A snow storm kept some people away including Rick West who made it as far as Colorado before being sent back to California.  Maybe next year Rick.

Anyway, we still had around 15 people show up.  A good mix of locals, Columbia MYC and State College MYC members.  Besides Fred Maurer and Ray Houtz, new member Ron Slater made the long snowy journey from State College.  Ron brought his new Robin hull for us to pour lead into and install the Rinehart rudder.

New Toys:  Bob Kjellberg brought his new ballast mold.  It is made out of a stepping stone concrete.  The results were terrific.  Bob poured four ballasts in record time.  One met an early demise due to an act of stupidity on my part.

Mark Rinehart brought a new deck jig for me.  A really neat tool that sets the stations at the right width.  No more masking tape and string for me. 

New Boats: Nancy Maurer, Ray Houtz, Hal Slentz-Whalen and Ron Slater.  All got lead ballast either placed or poured.

Pictures by Joe Cole & Hal Slentz-Whalen

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