A number of members share their information on the EC12, it's construction and peculiarities. And we are always looking for more to be added to the list of sites.

Brief descriptions of each site and a link to their home page.

It seems like years ago, the guys on the left coast wanted to race R/C sailboats. But couldn't find any help. There were some books available, but some were pretty technical. The internet was just coming into its own so, why not build a site documenting the construction of an EC12. What started out as an experiment has turned into one of the classes best resources.

Some guys spend more time analyzing and planning. And one of those types also lives in an area he doesn't get to see EC12's on a regular basis. What better way to plan your next project than to see what your competition is doing. Fortunately, the EC12 class willingly shares its information. Paul Proefrock has been snapping pictures and posting ideas for quite some time.

As you find other links that are exclusive to building model sailboats, please report them to the webmaster for inclusion here.