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Updated: 20 Mar 12

Champions Regatta Series

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The Champions Regatta will be held March 14-15, 2011
Charleston, SC at the James Island County Park facility


Final Results and Report


Captain Sail # Club Area State/Region Cup and Position
Jon Luscomb 45 Palm Beach Gardens FL 3b 1st
Reichard Kahle 67 Charleston SC 3a 2nd
Alan Perkins 14 The Villages FL 3b 3rd
Dave Brawner 53 Mid Atlantic NJ 2 4th
Dave Ramos 05 Annapolis MD 2 5th
 Bob Greer 52 Palm Beach Gardens FL 3b 6th
John Bottensek 11 Jacksonville FL 3b 7th
Tony Shoaf 1347 Oak Hollow NC 3a 8th
Gerry Cobley 25 Triangle NC 3a 9th
 Martin Gray 86 Jacksonville FL 3b 10th
Chris Kakavas 236 Piedmont NC 3a 11th
Ernest Freeland 06 Annapolis MD 2 12th
Bill Ewing 888   NJ 2 13th
Dave Branning 71 Annapolis MD 2 14th
Scott Vernon 80 Atlanta GA 3a 15th