2011 Nationals 

Schedule of Events and Regatta Information

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Updated: 18 Oct 11
Included in mailing packet

Introduction and Highlights
   Welcome to the 40th Class Championship. The RC hopes you enjoy the visit to Charleston and the James Island experience. Drive and see the night light show in the park and visit the City. The ladies are encouraged to get together during the day for excursions. The park offers transportation into the City at the check in office for visitors staying in the park.

   This year the event entry number is unrestricted. We will add Green Fleet, if needed, and sail with a smaller number of boats. The fleets above this will be filled to 20 boats from A Fleet downward to the last fleet.

   A championship course will be used. It will be more difficult to sail than the standard rectangle so often used. The Red Course, as shown below will have starboard roundings, also rarely used. Every attempt will be made to bring the courses closer to the shoreline for visibility.

   The RC will try to provide a more relaxed pace to the event by not rushing toward a set number of races for the event. The event will begin with a full race in fleets seeded by the RC. There will be 30-minute hold for lunching together and racing will end each day depending where we are with the clock. Protest hearings will be held immediately following the heat sailed and will follow a 3-minute format. You will be allowed a discarded a high score each day, and on that day, thereby presenting the true picture of the competition with no requirements for a designated number of races.

   There will be an emphasis on sportsmanship, lower emotional levels and respect for the Rules. All heats will be monitored by the RC and with comment where thought needed. We will particularly be watching the leading group of a heat and at least the first windward rounding. The RC will act where needed to deal with issues disrupting to the entire fleet. Redress and exonerations will be handled during sailing by the RC. 

   When we breakdown each day, it is hoped you will have had a richer experience and had fun in the process.   

Schedule of Events 

Tuesday, November 1st, 1730 hrs

·       Some will be in town. You are invited to gather at the Crab House on the southwest side of the Folly Road drawbridge for cocktails. 145 Wappoo Creek Drive, Charleston, (843) 795-1963.

   Competitors are requested to assist the RC with the break down each day and to police the grounds. The tent and the marks will stay. All else comes out and away. Thank you, in advance.


·       Registration and measurements 1200-1600 hrs. Check in is required. Please come early and be prepared. The process will be longer than usual. If you really need to do this on Thursday morning, please email the Registrar, otherwise we will not be set up.
You will receive another packet  with current regatta information. Part of this will be your seeded fleet. It will not be available before then.
Your boat will be inspected.

·       The lake will be open with marks and a clock provided.

·       Rules briefing 1600-1700 hrs. This will be based on the handout in the packet mailing to you.

·       Dinner gathering at the Crab Shack in Folly Beach 7 miles south of the park on Folly Road. 26 Center Street, (843) 588-3080.


·       Skipper’s meeting 0900 hrs. Racing will begin when called. C Fleet will open the regatta.

·       There will be a hold in racing for 30 minutes during the hosted lunch.

·       The first fleet to finish sailing their heat after 1500 hrs will break down for the day.

·       No organized evening activities are planned at this time.


·       Skipper’s meeting 0930 hrs. Racing will begin when called.

·       There will be a hold in racing for 30 minutes during the hosted lunch.

·       The first fleet to finish sailing their heat after 1500 hrs will break down for the day.

·       No organized evening activities are planned at this time.


·       Skipper’s meeting 0930 hrs. Racing will begin when called.

·       There will be a hold in racing for 30 minutes during the hosted lunch.

·       The regatta will end with the A Fleet finishing. This will be 1430-1530 hrs as determined by the time flow of racing.

·       A hosted banquet and awards presentation will begin at 1800 hrs.
Location: Southend Brewery and Smokehouse in the City at 161 East Bay Street over looking the harbor. 843-853-4677.


   Travel Safely. The RD will drive home to San Francisco.

 Regatta Information

Racing Format

·       The racing system will be promotion/relegation moving four boats up and down. It is very likely we will have three fleets and will add a fourth if entries require. Fleets will be seeded from A Fleet downward with no more than 20 boats. The bottom fleet will sail with the remainder of the boats entered.

·       A Fleet will be Red; B Fleet White; C Fleet Blue and if an additional fleet, Green Fleet.

·       All fleets will be seeded by the Race Committee using the class seeding system list. This list has been previously announced and explained to the class. The first race of the regatta will be scored beginning with the first heat.

·       A flattened Olympic Triangle course will be used. This will require skills for port and starboard rounding of course marks.

·       The touching of marks will not be allowed except for the wing mark.

·       Two penalty turns will apply. Touching marks will be one penalty turn.

·       Each boat will be allowed one discarded low score for each day of the regatta regardless of races sailed. If you have a bad day, it will be a bad day.

·       The entire fleet will lunch together daily.

·       There will be no competitor racing holds during the event. Holds can be requested and may be approved by the RD for no more than five minutes in duration.

·       When approved, there will be only one hold allowed per heat.

  We have no arrangements with hotels in the area. Except for a few hotels in Folly Beach south of the venue, there are none in the immediate area on James Island. There is every chain of hotels on US 17 between the intersection of I-526 and the viaduct into the City. These are 3-5 miles from the venue with 10-12 minutes travel time.

   The park has the much sought after cottages that are popular with the sailors and travelers from all over the nation. Check with the park through their website at: 
http://www.ccprc.com/index.aspx?nid=68 or see the NOR. You might get lucky. It is a good deal, comfortable with two queen rooms and a double bunk room, kitchen and Wi-Fi.

   Huddle House with fast hot breakfast in the style of the chain Waffle House. This is one block south of the Folly Road and Camp intersection on the west side. Open 24 hours.

   The Sweetwater Café is located two long blocks north of the same intersection on the west side. They have a large menu for robust eaters. Breakfast is superb but not open till 0900. Dinners are very casual and highly rated.

   Tons of fast food along Folly Road. Pizza and Subway at the same intersection.

   Other evening dinning is on the Schedule of Events. Gilligan’s on Main just off US 17 south of the I-526 intersection. Bessinger’s BBQ is excellent at 1602 US 17 on hotel row.

   …just to name a few among hundreds.

Course Information
   An Olympic course will be used with windward/leeward legs. 2-1/2 laps will be the preferred duration. The course will use single rounding marks without offsets. When starting from the left, port roundings will apply. When starting from the right, starboard roundings will apply. Except for the wing mark, the Rules will apply when touching a mark.

   Shown here are the preferred course locations and the primary Control Area for the event. Here is where most will set up their camps. All parking is across the street behind the palms.

 Port Course

Starboard course

   Visibility is preferred over wind angle. The course will require sailing skills, strategies and discipline at mark roundings. The Race Committee was unanimous providing a championship course rather than the rectangle NASCAR setup. Starboard roundings, when they apply, will stir additional thought and cautions. Please review graphics on other pages regarding the Rules.

   It will be strongly advised that competitors walk with their boats in each heat. Being half a leg away from your boat does not lend to good visibility, for mark roundings or close contact with other skippers. Additionally, if someone is trying to communicate, all parties may not hear a hail or instruction. In a protest situation, it can be very difficult without communications. Competitors will be responsible for acknowledging all hails specifically directed to the competitor. It then will be assumed such hails are heard and appropriate actions taken. 

Race officials will be with the fleet in the Control Area to assist you.