It's reported that Matt has broken his wrist and is having a hard time navigating a keyboard. Info for this years White Rose Regatta

Okay Dave here are the scores...

1.  Danny Thomas 43
2.  Jarl Wathne 57
3.  Al Sellers 70.5
4.  Bruce Walton 77
5.  Fred Mauer 122
6.  John Ebell 129
7.  Scott Todd 147
8.  Earl Artz 156
9.  Jim Hermann 160
10. Joe Cole 162
11. Pete Houghton 203
12. Russ Dukehart 210

Over the two days we ran 23 races. The weather was absolutely ideal in the high 70's variable winds. The fleet was incredibly close on almost every start. We had a dinner Saturday night at Chuck and Sally's house. A good time was had by those who attended - sitting around Sally's table and talking. Thanks to all who sailed at Lake Redman this year - you are all gentlemen. Also a big thanks goes out to Chuck Aiken and his wife Sally and my wife Kirsten.

There you have it in a nutshell Dave. Sorry I can't write a more glitzy

Take care.