The festivities began with the cocktail party at the home of Gordon and Arlene Rutkai, which ended fairly early, so that the skippers could get a good nights sleep.

Saturday morning at the skippers meeting, the committee decided that the boats would sail in a single fleet, all nine boats.

The racing began at 9:30.  Jerry Cobley, Rick Gerry, and Baron Bremer all scoring bullets and battling for the lead.  We broke at noon and had a lunch of Jersey Subs, chips and cookies.  After lunch sailing resumed and we had the opportunity to see a Bald Eagle go fishing for his lunch, on the second pass he grabbed about a two-pound bass. Racing was close for the balance of the day.  After sailing was finished for the day, the skippers met at the Bluffton Ale House for dinner.  The food and drink were great and a good time was had by all.

The weatherman predicted cloudy and rain for the day Sunday.

At 9:00 it was sunny and breezy a perfect day the scoring remained close for the balance of the morning until Jerry narrowly edged Rick Gerry, with Baron Bremer a close third.

The Results:

1.  Jerry Cobley

2.  Rick Gerry

3.  Baron Bremer

4.  Fran Di Tommaso

5.  Dick Gerry

6.  Jim Donahoe

7.  Allen Fernald

8.  Dale Smith

9.  Tim Crowley


Hope to see more skippers next year.


Dennis J. McInerney RD