By Dave Brawner

This year’s regatta was a one-day affair consisting of 16 races for the 14-boat fleet.  The pre-race forecast was for 20 knots building to 30 through the day.  Thankfully, that was a bit more than we saw but none-the-less, we had plenty of breeze.  B rigs and even a C rig were dusted off and put on many boats for the afternoon.


Three sailors battled all day for the top spot.  The usual suspects, Danny Thomas and Jarl Wathne were joined by an ever improving and always quite Harry Mote.  In the end, Jarl topped Danny by four points and Harry by 8 points.


Harry started the day by realizing his transmitter was in a safe spot at home.  Though Harry was quite willing to be part of the race committee, we gathered enough equipment to get him on the water.  That was bad news for the eleven of us that finished behind him.


Ken Shaw gets the award for driving the farthest and sailing the least.  Perhaps his boat gets carsick.  After a seven hour trip from Vermont, the boat only lasted one race.  Ken later admitted that he had parts to fix the boat but I think he’d rather heckle us from the shore.  


Mike Denest started the day with his strongest finish, which was a third.  Later in the day, his “C” rig powered him to a fourth in the 12th race.  Doug Wotring, Al Sellers and Joe Cole each managed to win a race.  John Ebell showed great improvement over his last trip to the Liberty Bell.  Major surgery was done to Scott “the Big Dog” Todd’s boat the night before the regatta.  Somehow, he kept it together in the high winds without being too “skeered”. 


A big thank you to Bob Kjellberg and John McKeough for running the regatta.  And an even bigger thank you again to Bob for making the trophies.  It seems that our shiny silver trophy has been spending a lot of time down in Maryland.  Congratulations Jarl.  Danny would like you to polish the trophy before he wins it next year.




Jarl Wathne


Danny Thomas


Harry Mote


Dave Brawner


Al Sellers


John Ebell


Doug Wotring


Jack Kendra


Scott Todd


Joe Cole


Mike Denest


Pete Schilder


George Wiegand


Ken Shaw