By Charlie Berry

Yes, it rained all day Saturday, and again Sunday as we wrapped up, but we did have a light to moderate North wind for both days, making for decent sailing conditions. The Green Mountain Regatta also served as the Region One Championship Regatta this year. We had 14 boats, and sailed as a single fleet. 11 races were run on Saturday; and 8 races on Sunday.

Day 1 belonged to Rick West (31 pts), followed closely by David Brawner(33 pts) and Al Dion (34 pts).

Day 2 started off auspiciously for Rick. In the first race, he forgot to attach a tension line for his sheets, and after a downwind leg, he couldn't sheet in. In the third race, he had a winch problem, apparently related to the earlier problem, and he had to take another last place finish. By the time he got back in the groove, David Brawner had built an unbeatable lead, and Al Dion had settled into a solid second place.

Rick ended up tied with Bruce Nourjian for third, beating him via the tie-breaker. Gary Mueller sailed consistently and finished fifth. Doug Amsbary was racing in his first EC12 regatta and managed to stay close to the pack in most of the races.

The overall results were:

1st David Brawner 46 Pts

2nd Al Dion 70

3rd Rick West 76

4th Bruce Nourjian 76

5th Gary Mueller 81

6th Phil Tonks 99

7th Jack Kendra 102

8th Robert Greer 106

9th Bruce Walton 118

10th Jim Linville 125

11th Larry Mazoway 188

12th Paul Fixx 198

13th Doug Amsbary 198

14th Ken Shaw 211