2006 25th Annual Century Cup Regatta
Elon University, NC

By: Cameron Hunt RD

 For the fifth year in a row the 19 Captains attending the Twenty-fifth Annual Century Cup Regatta held by The Piedmont Model Yacht Club at Elon, NC on June 17-18, 2006 were blessed with good weather and enough wind to race 28 heats. The 2 fleet promotion relegation heat system was used. Each captain sailed in 2 seeding heats and at least 12 fleet heats. Their best finish in the seeding heats was carried forward and one addition throw out for the fleet heats was allowed.

Five captains registered bullets and eight scored second places.The top four captains at the end of Saturday’s sailing maintained their leads on Sunday with third and fourth and fifth and six places changing for Saturday to Sunday.Finishing just out of the plaques was Bob Mersereau in sixth place.There were anxious moments when Reichard Kahle was demasted in the next to last race and ended up in the lower fleet.He was given redress by the committee and was able to finish the next two heats and lock up first place.

Lunch was the pizza from a local establishment and fruit distributed by Linda Angel (Frank’s boss).Rick “Rainman” West our esteemed EC 12 Class Secretary had been designated to bring the wind to Elon and he did an outstanding job. The rain had come earlier in the week as Alberto passed by filling the lake.We had light and variable wind from the SW for all the heats.The changing winds of Elon gave all points of sail as the boats traveled down the course.The tradition of “It always rains on Rick” was not fulfilled this time.

We were honored to have one of the PMYC’s founding fathers in attendance. Don Gilliam, who has been having some serious health problems the last few years felt good enough to stop by an spend a few minutes with us. Everyone was delighted to see him up and about.

Thanks to all the skippers and wives for making this a fun event. Also a big thank you to Frank Angel for all his preliminary work, expertise, and acting as starter and mark judge; to Linda Angel for being an excellent score keeper, being in charge of lunch and putting up with “Uncle” Frank. Paul Bowen spent several afternoons at the lake removing the worst of the goose droppings. I also want to thank Dan Scudder assisted by Vance Kinlaw for removing the marks from the pond, thereby saving a trip to the hospital for Frank or me.

All in all, the fleet was very close with only a very few points separating most of the finishing positions as the scores below reflect.


Finish Captain Score State


 Reichard Kahle




 Gerry Cobley




 Rick West




 Jack Wubbe




 Rick Gerry




 Bob Mersereau




 Winston Mathews




 Dennis McInerney




 Jim Utley




 Alan Fernald




 Scott Vernon




 Dick Gerry




 Doug Hale




 Peter Kremlick




 Vance Kinlaw




 Dan Scudder




 Carl Olbrick




 Jim Donohoe




 Paul Bowen




* Did not sail Sunday