We had 31 races with 9 boats sailing
1. Jarl Wathne, 35 points
2. Hal Slentz-Whalen, 97 points
3.Scott Todd, 113 points
4. John Ebell 126 points
5. Dick Reinlte 127 points
6. Joe Cole 154 points
7. Guy Dicks 157 points
8. Pete Schilder 188 points
9. Dave Litteton 188 points  yes we even had a tie breaker
Race directors: Alan Sellers, Doug Wotring, Dan Thomas, Tony Bollars
The wind was blowing 8 to 12 knots all week-end.  The Sun was clear and there was not a cloud in the sky
Scott Todd won his first trophy for sailing EC-12,
John Ebell won his first trophy for sailing EC-12.
Trophy were given out the the first 5 places. 
John Ebell had a great first day.  With 4 first place finishes.  
Dick Reinke Also had a first place finish.
Joe Cole Also had a first place finish
Jarl had the rest.
The middle of the fleet was anybody game and there were lead changes on ever leg.  With three one lap races followed by three two lap races.  The sailors had to stay in the game.
The 720 rule was included by the RD.  This caused the sailor to think twice before they push an issue.  Only one protest came off the water.  We have included 4 boat circle markers so that the sailors could judge their positions as they approached the marks.  These marks were smaller floats that were measured distance from the turning marks.  Most of the comments were that it seemed to be a greater distances from the marks than they had expected. 
The Coffee was provided by the local coffee shop.  lunch was provided by the Tomato Palace.   We had a great dinner back a the Tomato Palace following the first day of sailing.
The racing was over a 12:30 pm Sunday.  The entire fleet knew that they had been racing.  Most were numb. 
Alan Sellers