Dr. Jarl Wathne wins Cambridge

 By Scott Todd

     The winds for this year’s Choptank Cup Regatta started off light and variable, but they never slacked off so much that the heats became “drifters”.  Because of the small size of our pond, Nascar fans would consider it the “Martinsville” of the EC-12 circuit.  Even with that being said, this was one of the few regattas that I’ve been to where there was not a single protest.   I think this proves how much we enjoy ourselves here at this regatta. 


      As mentioned earlier, the doctor is in and boy does he mean business.  Jarl has already won the Champions regatta in Charleston, The Liberty Bell in Mt. Laurel and now Cambridge.   Congratulations Jarl.   Second place went to Dave Brawner, whose son John won second place in the crab eating contest.  More about that one later.  Taking a break from the 914 circuit, Dave Ramos scored third.  It should be noted that the difference between second and third was only one point.  Sailing a brand new boat, master builder Gary Mueller got fourth.  Fifth place went to the pride of Alabama, Al Sellers.  Al also won the crab eating contest.


     Harry Mote finished sixth.  When Harry starts a windward leg, he puts his boat on “munch”, look out when that happens. Traveling all the way from Naples, Florida, Jack Wubbe finished seventh.  Jack and Mary Ellen went back to Florida declaring they would do better at next years Crab contest.  Believe me Al is a tough act to follow and he’s had a lot of practice.   Eighth place went to Tom Causin, assisted by daughter Jenna.  Also in his second year sailing 12’s was John Ebell in ninth.  John scored a bullet in race 7.


 The big man from Penn. was tenth.  Doug has the inside scoop on a plaque maker and he took care of that for us again this year.   Finishing behind Doug, was our buddy from Jersey – Joe Cole.   Russ Dukehart and Dr. Pete Schilder picked up the next two spots with Cambridge newcomers  Henry  Miller and Dave Littleton finishing things out.


 The Sat. night party was at my house.  We had a crab feast with all the usual trimmings.  Before the feast started, I assured everyone that, no Alaskan Crab fisherman were harmed  during the harvesting of the crabs.


Again we had a great time as usual.  We’re already thinking about next year’s regatta which will probably be held at about the same time as this one.  So please make plans to join us. 


Thanks go to our current national champion Mark Rinehart for helping me with this one.  As always, thanks to Sara for organizing  and doing the shopping for this event.  Once again, for a week before the regatta our house looked like a commissary at an Air Force base.  And finally, Jim Coll took care of the scoring.  


Thanks again to everyone who made this event possible. See you soon.




1.  Wathne         64
2.  Brawner        76
3.  Ramos         77
4.  Mueller         90
5. Sellers          93
6. Mote            114
7. Wubbe         118
8.  Causin         140
9.  Ebell            145
10. Wotring        147
11. Cole            194
12.  Dukehart     225
13. Schilder      245
14. Miller          270
15. Littleton      287