The weather was marginal with heavy overcast, moderate winds and temps in the high 40s and low 50s. These facts combined with the fact that the Gig Harbor Model Yacht Club is tucked away in the NW corner of the Great Northwest contributed to a low skipper turnout at the Region 6 Championship Regatta held at Surprise Lake, Milton, WA just north of Tacoma, WA on Sunday May 7, 2006. Race Director for the regatta was Howard Rasmussen, University Place, WA.


The start/finish line was right angled with an E/W, N/S orientation. When the starting gun went off at 10:15AM the winds were blowing from the S and SW at 3-8mph with occasional gusts to 15mph. These conditions are great for sharpening up the EC12 sailing skills and we were surely well tested.


There were many exciting times at the weather mark. One altercation occurred when Harry Lange, on port tack, collided with a starboard tack boat and was dismasted. Harry L retrieved his boat with the rescue boat. Fortunately, there was no damage to Harry’s boat---mostly to his feelings!


The wind directions changed causing RD Howard  Ramussen to call for course changes. We did windward/leeward  and triangular course heats. By the time we neared the end of the regatta we were getting 15mph gusts one after the other. You could see them parading down the lake from the S one after the other about 100’ apart. That was an exciting time especially when trying to round the mark. There were times we ended up headed in directions that we did not want to go!


After we had completed 11 heats and were about to end the regatta I made the mistake of suggesting that we sail another heat since the winds were settling into a steady mode. This suggestion did me in. More on this later.


As we sailed the last heat, it started to sprinkle and then to driving light rain. At this point the winds were 6-8mph. At the finish the boats were hurriedly brought in and the marks rounded up and the gear put away. After this we retired to the local Tav for a bite to eat and figure the placing. It was at this time that I had found that I had shot myself in the foot when I had suggested the last heat.


All through the regatta the winner and I were battling for first place. However, the last heat did me in when I placed last. C’est la vie! SteveYoung, to his credit took first.


The EC12 Region 6 results:

1.     Steve Young                   Sail #87                 13 Pts

2.     Joe Brohan                      17                         15

3.     Harry Lange                    79                         31

4.     Joe Osckewicz                88                         34


Joe Brohan