The Class Registry is a record of owners and their boats. A portion of that record is provided here without the personal information. It is also provided so members can download and sort the data as they wish.

The history of this data, which is a lineage of the boats, has been recorded since the beginning of the Class. This heritage is noted today of all those before us that recorded the information. Some things have been lost and some items are missing, as you will see when you browse the Registry. Most notable will be hull serial numbers and hull manufacturers. What you see in these documents is what we have from an index card file that has been passed down through decades. The digital record used today has been duplicated from these cards. The character of the information on the cards that cannot be preserved in style by reasonable digital processes may have been lost. There are 3300 entry lines recording the history of the boats registered over four decades at the writing in 2012.

It should be noted that the Registry has been recorded from the paper record as it was written. The only changes have been those verified, as boats pass from owner to owner. The dates reflect when the registration was made initially and when passed to another. They are not always in order. The duplicate paper record was stopped in 2008 and archived by the class. The official Class Registry is maintained by the Class Secretary and not represented in data at the AMYA or in the public domain. These public links are generally updated around the first of a month.

Hull Manufacturer Designators

Updated: November 14, 2016

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