The documentation of an EC12 yacht is the registration of the hull to an owner with all information recorded in the Class Registry. The standard process is online for registrations and fees over the Internet; see below.

If you are unable or choose not to use the Internet, mail the information to the Class Secretary with the fee included.  Checks are payable to Joe Walter.  You will receive confirmation by return postal mail.

Joe Walter, 10281 Ripple Rush Drive W, Jacksonville, FL 32257

 Please supply the following information:

  • Name, postal address and phone.
  • Your AMYA membership number if you have one. You will be recorded regardless but membership is preferred.
  • Manufacturer of the hull and serial number.
  • The Yacht Registration Number (YRN) labeled in the hull or printed on the sails.

Here is some basic yacht registration information:

  • If you are the first owner of a new hull from an approved manufacturer, she has already been registered to you by the builder and the Class Secretary. There will be a certificate label molded into the hull inside at about station 31 on the port side under the hatch area. No fee is needed by the registered owner.
  • If you have obtained an older yacht and do not have all the information requested above, supply all that you have and a photo image(s) of her. Verification of the yacht is necessary before she can be transferred to a new owner and recorded.
  • The Dumas Heritage EC12 yacht is not of the Class hull standard or considered to be a competitive racing yacht. Dumas hulls PRODUCED AFTER Dec 31, 2004 cannot be registered with the Class or transferred today.
  • For expanded explanations and Class registrations policy, click on this link: Boat Registrations.

Online Registration and Fee