Sail Sheet Exits

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Sail Sheet Exits

Postby Midniteblue » Tue Oct 09, 2007 2:49 pm

I have to decide the location of the Sail Sheet Exits on the deck.

It looks to me that the location of the Fairlead, the location of the Sheet Eye (where the line get in contact with the boom), the angle the line creates at the exit of the deck with the Sheet Eye when the sails are strapped in, are all correlated in determining the length of Sheet Lines and location of the points of attachment of the Sheet Line to the Sail Winch System.
Also it looks to me that the resulting line feeding in a Drum System is equal for Jib and Main, while in a Swing Arm System the arm length or the pivoting point of the line on the arm, allow a different line feeding.

I need help to understand how to balance the sails movement.
Where is the correct position of the Sheet Eye on the booms; should it be in line with the center of effort of the sail or the deepest point of the camber. Should the distance between the Jib Swivel to Jib Sheet Eye be the same as the distance between the Goosenek to Main Sheet Line. When the Sails are all out should the booms be parallel or that is not possible.

Any help will be much appreciated.
Thank you Val
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