2021 NCR The Villages FL Nov 11-13

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2021 NCR The Villages FL Nov 11-13

Postby daramos » Wed Aug 25, 2021 8:48 pm

Thought I would start a thread on this years nations.
Here is the link to the regatta registration.


Maybe we can get additional information and NOR posted here as well
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Re: 2021 NCR The Villages FL Nov 11-13

Postby Capt. Flak » Tue Nov 16, 2021 3:59 pm

2021 EC12 National Championship Regatta
By Donald Hain

While regatta activity up north wanes each fall, the opposite is happening down south. For example, the East Coast 12 (EC12) class, 2021 National Championship Regatta (NCR) was hosted in Florida by The Villages Model Yacht Squadron (AMYA #220) on November 11th to 13th, 2021.

While Covid-19 was specifically cited by some skippers, who declined to participate in the event, twenty-four sailors registered. Interestingly, four of the applicants are previous class champions. Three of which have won the title twice and one three times. Despite the lower number of over-all participants than usual, the level of competition was top shelf.

Registration on Wednesday afternoon offered the out of towners a chance to stretch their legs and check their equipment. Thursday morning the competitors were met by a light rain that, fortunately, ended before the skippers meeting. The rain was followed by shifty and intermittent winds—mostly light. The mark-setting crew was kept busy most of the day. For the first time, I can remember, the battery powering the trolling motor was completely depleted. Despite the challenging conditions, sixteen heats, both long enough and challenging enough for a national level regatta, were posted on the scoresheet at the end of the first day. The event was using a two-heat promotion-relegation system. The constantly changing conditions challenged both the race committee and the competitors.

On day two, everyone was welcomed to the pond with fog and no wind. One heat was accomplished that morning and the balance of the morning was spent wondering whether the wind or lunch would arrive first. Light, shifty winds continued for the balance of the day. Eight heats were added to the scoresheet that afternoon.

The morning of day three was spent with more sitting than racing due to lack of wind and a weather front passed through, with rain, to join us for lunch. When the rain passed, racing resumed and five more races (10 heats) were completed.

Saturday evening the awards banquet was held at the Glenview Country Club in The Villages where Peter Feldman was awarded first place. This is the fourth consecutive year that Peter has won this national event—a true testament that his skill and not luck is present in our sport.

Summary of EC12 2021 NCR
Date: November 11-13-2021
Location: The Villages, Florida
Host Club: The Villages Model Yacht Squadron (AMYA # 220)
Entries: 22
Winds: Light and variable to none
Races Completed: 17 (34 heats)
Scoring system: HMS 2016, low point scoring
Regatta Chairman: You, John or both?
Race Committee: Don Hain (RD); Bruce Farr & John Santoro (Assistant RD’s); Sal Serio and our two ARDs Mark setting); Judy Clark and Sue Kelly (Scorers); Jim Kelly (finish line judge); Terry Reynolds and John Pumplasch (finish line recorders); Judy Hanlon (certified US Sailing National Judge) & Brian Engle (protest judges); Francoise Goldsworthy (lunches); Joe Devine (beverages & ice); Dan Pearce (RO, dinner MC and raffle procurement) and Karen Luscomb & Linda Pearce (raffle hostesses).

2021 EC12 NCR Results:
Place Skipper Sail # Points Region
1 Peter Feldman 2240 42 4
2 Alex Ramos 105 56 2
3 Reichard Kahle 67 67 3
4 Jon Luscomb 45 75 7
5 Alan Perkins 14 77 7
6 Danny Thomas 405 77 2
7 David Ramos 5 79 2
8 Dave Linville 2099 112 3
9 Scott Graf 1874 115 2
10 Joe Walter 24 148 7
11 Chuck Millican 31 178 7
12 Liz Perkins 217 181 7
13 Thomas Phillips 65 188 7
14 Jim Rutherford 126 196 7
15 Dom Bonanno 888 198 2
16 George Balaschak2200 211 7
17 AJ Moritz 1510 216 5
18 Frank Ligon 2210 248 7
19 Don Ouimette 72 251 1
20 Doug Nettles 1449 261 7
21 Arthur White 187 292 7
22 Richard Boulay 35 292.8 2

Dave Brawner Award
The Dave Brawner Corinthian-Spirit award, which is selected by the competitors, went to Frank Ligon this year.

Judy Bonanno's wonderful photos here: https://judybonanno.smugmug.com/Sailing ... -HFl48Oht4
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Re: 2021 NCR The Villages FL Nov 11-13

Postby georgeb2200 » Mon Nov 22, 2021 9:01 pm

Great regatta. I shot a couple of videos in 4k and have published one. The first one can be viewed at:


This is the complete race 13 A ,on Saturday morning . Judy took over for the next race using my camera rig and did a great job on a very boring almost no wind 20 minute race. She commented that doing the video was very difficult! They are, and trying to switch between sailing and videoing is more so.
So if you can watch it on your TV in 4k give it a whirl. You just might pick up on the subtle stuff that the sailors at the top of the game do to deserve their positions.

Thanks, George Balaschak
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