"No more beer on the beach"

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"No more beer on the beach"

Postby kermwood » Sun Jul 31, 2005 9:30 am

A "MESS" Frank and Rick Say Sorry guys to disagree but l think its a coming of age of the class and something all those involved in pushing the class forward now and in the past should be proud of.
l woder how many times in the past people were gathered and discussed how to push the class forward and get more skippers to attend the gatherings well that day is here.
The nationals of any successful class are always over subscribed and being so it creates more interest from sponsors and press, which in turn creates more interest at the grass roots level.
The nationals are not a sunday afternoon gathering at the pond and can be hard work with the cut and thrust of heavy duty racing but they should still be fun.
High numbers can mean less racing but more fleets do give you time to have a fiddle unless you are bouncing up and down the fleets!
The biggest downside at large gatherings l have found is disputes that are not sorted out on the water that then hold up the racing.
Running a large gathering is not easy and its good of all thoses that are willing to give up their time to help run this event.
l know that there are still issues about who should attends the Nats,but whatever the outcome l think the class should look at this as a great step forward to make this a premier class and should welcome it with open arms.
(and you can still have a beer on the beach Rick)
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