continuation of regatta discussion

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continuation of regatta discussion

Postby Doug Wotring » Sun Feb 27, 2005 7:17 pm

If you look at the 2004 nationals report from the US you see we had 37 boats from 15 states ran 10 races over 3 days (three fleets) as well as entire match racing bracket. Considering the winds were less than ideal I doubt anyone could do much better in those conditions.

a fleet of more than 40 boats puts a serious "value" on liquid real estate. As you know a 12 does not manuever like an IOM,

you say 72 boats And down to F fleet....whats that like 15-18 boats per fleet?

If you look at the link for the Champions regatta you will see some interesting things. Of the three "regional" series, the top five skippers are invited to attend, plus the winner of the previous years Champions regatta. 16 boats/skippers all in the top ranks of their home series....and usually their own clubs as well. In my opinion that is more of a Nationals.....however that leaves out the folks that don't have a large 2 day reggata series to poor Larry out there in TX.
Doug Wotring
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Postby Larry Ludwig » Mon Feb 28, 2005 3:07 am

Thanks Doug, if I knew how to sail I would give you guys a hard time. I am still at the point where if the boat comes back afloat I can finally relax.

I think that there is a need for a ranking system akin to the Victoria and the IOM. This is something Ray Seta (local 112 commodore) and myself have had some lengthy discussions about. I want to see everyone have a shot... and he does as well.. but thinks that there should be more emphasis placed on the "invitations" being issued to the Nats.

I think that something such as this is needed... because I don't think that someone with no real exposure to real quality racing (such as myself) should be given a shot in Orlando because I am willing to travel the distance.... when there are other skippers in Florida that see more competitive racing weekly and end up being excluded... and dare I say... discriminated against because they have the misfortune of being in the home club or near to it.

It would seem to me... that it should come to some system... where attending and scoring in regattas gives you a higher "bid" to an entry slot. This makes the regionals more important, and if it lasts long enough and goes far enough... virtually down to the club level.
It would certainly make Regionals in Regions that don't have them (such as mine own) that much more important. It also means that more skippers would be likely to attend because of their value later on when you want to make the big show.[8D]
Larry Ludwig
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Postby Doug Wotring » Mon Feb 28, 2005 8:24 am

only problem with taking it down to the club that some clus might not be very competitive........therefore the Champion of that club may not really be of champion class as far as a ranking for Nationals.

i do like the idea of getting points for attending and scoring in 2 day regattas.....the "Put up or shut up" concept...but if a guy goes to 10 regattas and comes in last place doesn't really qualify him either.

we have discussed this within our club too....and with the Champions regatta really being the tell all of the fast guys....nationals is really more of a once a year chance for skippers from accross the country to get together.

we could do 'qualifying for nationals like this:

1. every club gets a spot and they determine who gets that spot by who is willing and able to go....this could be based on the club series score or a lottery

2. Any skipper who places in the top 5 in any sactioned two day regatta gets a slot. in instances where Skipper A is eligable for several slots due to his lightning fast speed and exceptional skippering skills.....those slots would fall down the ranks in any particual two day regatta finisher grid until it gets to someone who had not qualified.

I beleive this way all the fast guys would get well as guys that are sort of fast are or getting well as having guys who are fast at the club level get a chance to go as well.

this theory will entail some solid bookeeping at the class and club levels.

PS Larry drop me an email...I don't think mine are getting to you

Doug Wotring
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