2021 Champions Regatta

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2021 Champions Regatta

Postby Dave_Branning » Sat Mar 13, 2021 7:45 pm

Day One of the 2021 Champions Regatta started our with no wind. So we waited until 11:20 before a Easterly filled in to get us going. As the day progressed Lite A sails moved to heavy A and one skipper, Will Van Cleef, found his B rig quite successful late in the day. We accomplished 12 races and never moved a mark all day.
Results with no throw outs. Racing tomorrow begins at 9:30am

1. Peter Feldman.....35 5 firsts
2. David Ramos.......45 4 firsts
3. Will Van Cleef.....62 1 first
4. Danny Thomas.....65 1 first
5. Alex Ramos...... 81 1 first
6. Joe Walter..... 100
7. Ricky Gerry.... 101
8. Scott Graf.... 102
9. Reichard Kahle...104
10. David Linville...108
11. Bob Greer..... 108
12. Jarl Walthe.....116
13. Gerry Cobley...132
14. Calvin Obara.....156
15. George Balaschak...163
16. Dom Bonanno...165
17. Mark Fleckenstein...198
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Re: 2021 Champions Regatta

Postby Capt. Flak » Mon Mar 15, 2021 1:02 pm

The final day of our Champions Regatta invitational was able to start earlier than yesterday as the breeze showed up, stayed in the same quadrant and no marks were moved. In honor of David Brawner, Dave Ramos had created a lobster buoy pained blue & yellow with #53 on it as the windward mark. David was there in spirit, I'm sure. Another remembrance was to Frank Angel, the creator of this championship. Frank told us there were no throw-outs in life....but we allowed one measly throw-out out of the 19 races sailed. Sunday moved along quite quickly and we were able to get in seven races before the 12:30 PM quitting time.
Peter Feldman's lead was cut in half today but the three time national champion emerged a five point winner over David Ramos who was fifteen up on defending champion, Danny Thomas for second. Danny has won this regatta the previous two years coming from behind on Sunday. It was not to be this year. Rounding out the top five was Alex Ramos in fourth and Will van Cleef in fifth. That group of five won all the races.
A huge thanks for host Reichard Kahle and our class secretary, Joe Walter for organizing and bringing all the equipment to make this event successful. Judy Bonanno proved she was up for double duty as she captured all of the skippers on film, kept meticulous scores and is always a joy to team with at regattas. The weather was terrific for us shuttered-in/Covid-trapped northerners and we brought plenty of bug spray for the no-see-ums who arrived occasionally when the wind went light.
We'll see you all in 2021 at many regattas in this great class. Thanks to all who support our events. Congrats to Peter Feldman our 2021 Champions Regatta champion.

RESULTS: 19 races and one throw-out

1. Peter Feldman 57 7 firsts
2. David Ramos 60 4 firsts
3. Danny Thomas 85 2 firsts
4. Alex Ramos 81 4 firsts
5. Will Van Cleef 93 2 firsts
6. Reichard Kahle 137
7. Joe Walter 146
8. Bob Greer 153
9. Jarl Wathne 161.2
10. Scott Graf 162
11. David Linville 164
12. Ricky Gerry 170
13. Gerry Cobley 184
14. George Balaschak 219
15. Calvin Obara 227
16. Dom Bonanno 248
17. Mark Fleckenstein 289

Dave Branning wrote this, I just posted it for him.
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