Re: 2020 Hagerstown Regatta

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Re: 2020 Hagerstown Regatta

Postby Dave_Branning » Tue Oct 06, 2020 6:21 pm

As of 10/15

Dom Bonanno
Dave Branning
Dave Ramos
Scott Graf
Troy Wallace
Scott Smith
Bill Sysyn
Terry Lamb
Doug Wotring
Roger Baldwin
Scott Todd
Alex Ramos
Stanton Smith

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Danny Thomas has agreed to RD Assist our Regatta Chmn, Jarl Wathne, so we are in good hands as usual in Hagerstown.
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Re: 2020 Hagerstown Regatta

Postby Dave_Branning » Sun Oct 18, 2020 6:32 pm

The Hagerstown Regatta was only the second Colonial Cup event we were able to hold in 2020. A tough year for racing action but It was worth the wait. This is a lovely western Maryland town and the venue pond is in the middle of a city park with the Washington County Museum of Fine Arts as it's anchor attraction. A few of us brought our spouses and the ladies just added to the fun. Some couples visited the Antietam Battlefield on Friday on the way and a few more were able to join up for dinner at a great German restaurant in a private dining room.

On Saturday the racing was slow to get under way as the wind teased us with a variety of non-predicted directions, driving co-RD, Danny Thomas nuts with making a course call. For a while we sailed a few races from left to right a then changed to right to left. It never really settled in for our three race sets. But, as David Brawner would often say: "Sometime during the race, there will be upwind and downwind legs and the course will be correct."

Team Ramos (David and son, Alex) brought their A game (they don't have a B game) but it took 3/4 of the day to shake loose from Scott Graf and Dave Branning as the four skippers were three points apart after 8 races. Alex and Dad then won the last 4 races to claim the top two spots. A point in fact is that they actually tied on gross score with David having a significant throwout to actually win by four points over Alex. Scott Graf had a good regatta again at Hagerstown, winning three races and Doug Wotring and Dave Branning won one race each.

It was great to have Roger Baldwin, from Park City, UT, and Scott Todd, both make the trip from the Maryland Eastern Shore for the regatta. Also good to see the fun locals, Troy Wallace and Scott Smith racing and we missed seeing you guys in this restricted COVID year.

Thanks goes to Jarl Wathne and the Cumberland Valley MYC team for hosting a warm and friendly competition at your perfect venue. Cheers to DT, who kept busy all day making sure we had good courses and Roni Brandt-Simpkins jumped in to score-keep for the regatta. It was a well oiled team. To everyone who came this year you need to bring another skipper next year and maybe we might just do a two-day Hagerstown Regatta. Worth a discussion.

Lots of great pictures from Judy Bonanno:

RESULTS, Hagerstown Regatta: Region 2 EC12 Championship. 12 Races, two throwouts

Pl Sail # Skipper Gross T/O Net
1 05 David Ramos 35 14 21
2 105 Alex Ramos 35 10 25
3 93 Dave Branning 42 13 29
4 74 Scott Graf 43 12 31
5 51 Doug Wotring 65 20 45
6 888 Domenick Bonanno 70 18 52
7 78 Scott Todd 85 20 65
8 19 Bill Sysyn 91 21 70
9 78 Roger Baldwin 99 22 77
10 504 Scott Smith 105 22 83
11 43 Troy Wallace 122 22 100
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