The Brawner Sailing Instructions

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The Brawner Sailing Instructions

Postby Dave_Branning » Mon Aug 24, 2020 11:21 am

Lisa Brawner was kind enough to recover from David's computer a previous APRIL 1st Sailing Instruction document. It is worth posting as it certainly represents the mind of David Brawner as he toyed with pending regatta skippers.

"Liberty Bell Sailing Instructions:

1. It is necessary to read this entire document.
2,. In tribute to the longevity of the Liberty Bell Regatta, this edition will be run using the rule book in effect at the time of this regatta was started. IYRU Sailing Rule Book 1971-1973.
3. No marks shall be hittable without penalty.
4. Mast abeam shall be in effect.
5. There is no alternative penalty. A boat committing a foul shall sail clear and immediately retire.
6. An Olympic triangle course shall be the preferred course.
7. Protests shall be heard during a break in racing by Tom Germer and Ken Morrison who are standing by in Florida.
8. Buoy room shall be determined at two overall boat lengths.
9. There shall be no throw-outs.
10. Dinner tonight will be at the Capital Grill. Dave Branning will be picking up the tab.
11. Refer to your phone for today's date. The RD will pass out the real SI's at the skippers meeting."
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