47th Annual Liberty Bell Regatta

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47th Annual Liberty Bell Regatta

Postby DBrawner » Sun Feb 03, 2019 12:59 pm

The Liberty Bell will be a one day regatta on March 30th.

Where: Laurel Acres Park, Mount Laurel, NJ

Skipper's Meeting: 9:30

First Race: Shortly after skipper's meeting.

Lunch and drinks will be supplied.

No races start after 4 PM

Sailing Instructions will be distributed on race day.

If you have any questions, contact Skip Hall
Registration Link:[url]

We will continue the tradition of closing registration once we have enough to have fun.
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Re: 47th Annual Liberty Bell Regatta

Postby DBrawner » Fri Mar 15, 2019 3:16 pm


There are more than enough skippers registered to have fun. So, registration will close next Wednesday, March 20th.
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Re: 47th Annual Liberty Bell Regatta

Postby DBrawner » Wed Mar 20, 2019 11:15 pm

Registration has closed. In addition to Dave Branning, we have 21 other sailors registered.

Skippers list: https://www.jotform.com/grid/90358023979062
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Re: 47th Annual Liberty Bell Regatta

Postby Skip Hall » Sun Mar 31, 2019 10:17 am

Twenty four skippers skippers came to sail in this years 47th Annual Liberty Bell Regatta, I think that might have been a record number of entries, however, our Chief Knucklehead (Dave Brawner) could verify this for us... With this amount of entries we decided to use the Cesspool System, as the number of boats fit perfectly for that format. The wind started out of the South at 5-7 mph, a windward, leeward course was set and we sailed 2 1/2 laps the entire day. Right out of the gate the tone was set by Mark Rinehart with five bullets in a row, Dave Ramos did his best to keep up, unfortunately there was no catching Mark. Mark's worst throwout was a fourth...... We sailed five races before lunch, during lunch the wind shifted 90 degrees which meant a course change was needed. Thanks to Mark and Dave for their assistance we were able to reset the course to another windward, leeward course. As predicted the wind increased to the top of the A Rig limits, boat handling became very important when the big puffs hit. We had a few breakdowns during the afternoon, only one boat couldn't continue, the winch gave out on his boat. As the afternoon progressed Mark continued to show everyone he was the one to beat, another bullet, a second and the fourth place sealed the deal for Mark. Dave Ramos tried his best to close the gap, when Mark didn't finish first, it was Dave taking the bullet. After 12 heats we called it a day and totaled up the scores, no surprise who the winner would be,, Mark Rinehart, who I believe won it last year also, Dave Ramos second, Jamie Betz third, Harry Mote fourth and Jim Flach fifth.

Many, many thanks to the race committee, without their help we couldn't have the Great Results we had. To our scorers, Mark Aadaino and Roni Brandt Smpkins and Nick Mortgu and for lunch Beth Lippincott, Nick Mortgu, my sincere thanks for a job well done!!! Also, to Judy Bonanno for the photos,thank you!! the link to Judy's photos; http://www.judybonanno.smugmug.com. There are two sets, one from the camera and another from her phone.

The finishing order after one throwout as follows:

Mark Rinehart 8 points
Dave Ramos 16 points
Jamey Betz 18 points
Harry Mote 27 points
James Flach 28 points
Alex Ramos 33 points
Domenick Bonanno 35 points
Ray Szulcewski 44 points
Ivor Walton 47 points
Dave Branning 48 points * Tiebreaker
Don Barker 48 points
Bob Shluger 51 points
Scott Graf 54 points
Mark Fleckenstein 56 points
John Santoro 64 points
Victor Oberg 67 points
Bill Sysyn 68 points
Joe Cole 83 points * Tiebreaker
Martin Besant 83 points
Scott Todd 85 points
Rick Boulay 87 points
Chris Bock 90 points
George Glenn 91 points
Joel Hamburger 154 points ( Left Early )

As seen by the scores just how close everyone was to each other, a testament to how competitive they are are!! Thanks once again for everyone that sailed, we had sailors from Connecticut, New York and North Carolina show up... Thanks to all everyone once again!!!!

Assistant Chief Knucklehead
Skip Hall
Skip Hall
Skip Hall
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