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2018 Tilghman Regatta

PostPosted: Wed Jul 11, 2018 5:57 pm
by Dave_Branning
Ahoy EC12 Skippers:
The 2018 edition of the Tilghman EC12 Regatta is September 8th, the Saturday after Labor Day. In 2017 we had a great turnout and top notch racing up and down the course. We used the CESS Pool scoring method in order to keep the fleet size manageable. 2018 Prizes are beyond the design phase and are in final construction as of this writing.
Remember to sign up for the RCR Annapolis Regatta, which is five weeks prior to Tilghman. These are the last two regattas for the 2018 Colonial Cup season. Top qualifiers get to attend the Champions Regatta in March of 2019 in Charleston, SC.

Currently we have quite a few who have stated that they are coming to Tilghman but, as of this date, Domenick Bonanno and Skip Hall are the only registrants. Looking forward to seeing Don Ouimette and Brian Kerrigan from R1 and some of their fellow R1 EC12 buddies. Hope we see Scott and Penny Smith and the Dark 'n Stormy mobile. Offering free registration to Scott for being so hospitable in 2017. Bring more of those Hagerstown guys with you to race with us.
To the rest of you R2 are officially reminded.....

Here are the Links to all the information you need.
Reg -

Hope to hear from lots more of you soon :P

Re: 2018 Tilghman Regatta

PostPosted: Sun Aug 05, 2018 7:38 pm
by Dave_Branning
The Tilghman EC12 Regatta has been changed to a ONE DAY REGATTA on Saturday, September 8th. We have changed it this year at this time to encourage more attendance. Note to Region 1, 2, 3 skippers…we just freed up your Sunday. It’s always been on the first weekend after Labor Day. Now it’s one day. We’ll make it a fun day.
We have RD leadership from Ken Shaw and buoy support from Bob Roe and Roger Vaughan
Here’s the DAY’s AGENDA
• 8:00 AM Breakfast at Two If By Sea Restaurant on Tilghman Island
• 9:30 AM Skippers Meeting
• Open Water Racing to follow with a lunch break in the yacht club
• Racing resumes until 4 pm
• Social after Racing: Beer and Dark ‘n Stormies (seems like we started a tradition).
• Skippers may shower at the Tilghman On Chesapeake Clubhouse or my house ½ mile away.
• Group no-host dinner at Chesapeake Landing ( up the road from Tilghman on the way home.

WHO’S COMING as of: September 6TH
Domenick Bonanno
David Brawner
Skip Hall
Scott Graf
Don Barker
Fred DeSantis
Cape May Ray
Don Ouimette
David Ramos
Rick Boulay
Jamey Betz
Dave Branning
Jim Flach
Mark Rinehart
Mike Campbell
Ivor Walton
Harry Mote
Victor Oberg

Registration -

Re: 2018 Tilghman Regatta

PostPosted: Fri Aug 24, 2018 11:13 am
by Capt. Flak
Remember this is a ONE-Day regatta this year. Two weeks left. Get your entries in.

Re: 2018 Tilghman Regatta

PostPosted: Thu Sep 06, 2018 8:48 pm
by Dave_Branning
Tilghman Rediness.JPG
Tilghman Rediness.JPG (41.89 KiB) Viewed 1982 times
We are Ready for Wind and Weather at Tilghman:

Re: 2018 Tilghman Regatta

PostPosted: Sat Sep 08, 2018 6:41 pm
by Dave_Branning
The 2018 edition of the Tilghman Regatta was a bit brief. A lot briefer than 2017 when we did not sail on Sunday afternoon due to heavy winds. This was to be a one day regatta with a scary forecast. The forecast of rain and 12-20 mph winds all day made the odds of this regatta getting all day exposure a long shot. The early morning was terrific as we opened the day with a 14 skipper/ RC breakfast at Two If By Sea Restaurant at 8am. By 9:15 the sky brought a downpour that lasted twenty minutes. We scrambled to our cars to play with our iPhones and wait. We then took off the A sails and went to B anticipating a pretty frisky north easter with a lot of chop to open the event. Some boats elected to sit this one out; a couple texted in the early morning and opted to avoid the rain forecast and stayed home, while 13 out of the 18 registered boats hit the line for race #1. Mark Rinehart and Don Barker had a great close duel and they nosed out Dave Brawner in third. Race #2 got under way and two skippers from race #1 did not start, and we had three DNF's netting only 8 finishers. Danny Thomas got the best of Mark Rinehart in this one with Dave Ramos in third. Dave Brawner rocketed to a terrific lead at the windward mark and on the first downwind leg lost rudder control and had to rescue his boat across Dogwood Harbor along with Mike Campbell. With this depletion record, we decided to take a lunch break and focus on some repair time.

After the break we were treated to waves washing over the undulating dock and rolling whitecaps a product of increased NE wind. Time for skippers meeting #2. We had two choices: #1, go race and experience more carnage, a rocking floating dock with slippery footing or, #2, award the prizes and adjourn to a comfortable clubhouse with Dark 'n Stormies and great conversation. Semed like an easy decision. So the Tilghman Regatta, 2018 edition was a great social day with a couple of races to interrupt the fun. To be fair, Mark Rinehart won this one fair and square, sailing really well. Thanks to all the skippers who traveled to this one, especially Don Ouimette, who came from Connecticut.

Here's the RESULTS:
1. Mark Rinehart 1, 2= 3
2. Don Barker 2, 5= 7
3. Dave Ramos 7, 3= 10
4. Dave Branning 6, 4= 10
5. Jim Flach 5, 8= 13
6. Danny Thomas 14, 1= 15
7. Don Ouimette 9, 6= 15
8. Scott Graf 8, 7= 15
9. David Brawner 3, 14= 17
10. Jamey Betz 4, 14= 18
11. Dom Bonanno 10, 14= 24
12. Mike Campbell 11, 14= 25
13. Rick Boulay 14, 14= 28

Thanks to Ken Shaw for his PRO leadership. Thanks to Bob Roe, Roger Vaughan, Jeannie Sandella and Scott Todd for RC, Chaseboat, Scorekeeping support. A special thanks to Elaine Hepkin, who along with a community board meeting in the morning, was able to whip up a great lunch break. Elaine also painted all the miniature lobster buoys for custom prizes. Stay tuned for pictures from Judy Bonanno. Watch this space.

Re: 2018 Tilghman Regatta

PostPosted: Mon Sep 10, 2018 8:02 am
by Dave_Branning
Judy Bonanno has, once again, spent her entire day capturing the 2018 Tilghman Regatta in pictures for your viewing pleasure. Thanks, Judy.

Linh Nguyen of our Tilghman On Chesapeake Community was kind enough to take stills and a drone view of Race #2. The lead boat was Dave Brawner who eventually looses rudder control downwind. Most of the video features the chase boat. Bob and Roger are getting a lot of exposure here. Video:

Here's a good one of the whole team on 9/8/18:
2018 Tilghman Regatta Team.jpg
2018 Tilghman Regatta Team.jpg (52.99 KiB) Viewed 1921 times

Here's the Chase Boat Team pre-Action
Tilghman Chase Boat Team Bob Roe and Roger Vaughan.jpg
Tilghman Chase Boat Team Bob Roe and Roger Vaughan.jpg (38.69 KiB) Viewed 1921 times