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2018 EC12 Green Mountain Regatta

PostPosted: Tue May 08, 2018 10:09 am
by Tim
Registration is open for the Green Mountain Regatta.

NOR and Online registration is available on the Stowe Yacht Club website.

J Boat racing on May 31st Thursday & June 1st Friday is also posted on our website.

Hope to see everyone there.

Re: 2018 EC12 Green Mountain Regatta

PostPosted: Tue May 22, 2018 12:07 pm
by Tim
The Green Mountain Regatta is a week and a half away and so far it is a very small group. Region 2 entrants are way down with only David Branning registered so far. Come on everyone, Stowe is a fabulous place this time of year. David Brawner is the RD for the event Guaranteeing a good time for all!!

The Stowe Yacht Club has worked hard since last season including a major over hall of the sailing pond. New Over Flow Drain system ( might nick name it after Chuck Luscomb, LOL) , new Bulkhead, New J Boat size Docks and lots of Landscaping right down to the waterline. Landscaping has improved walk ability around the pond especially closest to the hotel deck area.

How many places can you travel to Sail with you friends, have a Drink, Eat and your hotel room are only feet away?

See you all next week.

Re: 2018 EC12 Green Mountain Regatta

PostPosted: Tue Jun 05, 2018 7:55 pm
by Dave_Branning
The pre-regatta post by Tim Stone (above this one) was a great preamble to what to expect at Stowe this year. He was right. Tim can't promise the weather but It was gorgeous all days with an actual prevailing wind. In addition to the perfect venue and accommodations at the Commodores Inn, the pond has terrific upgrades and you can just sail your boat right up to the shore as you take a break after three races. Featured were new docks, landscaped shore line with all rocks removed after a winter draining of the entire pond and everything is so green at the Green Mountain Regatta.

Dave Brawner enthusiastically ran the racing show with the seasoned experienced crew of local RC gals and guys on the team. Add to that a great kitchen staff, dining room staff and bartenders keeping you refreshed and fulfilled. All of this made this weekend another gem of a visit to Stowe. The post race Saturday jaunt to Ben & Jerry's factory is and was a must do. A tip of the hat to Robert De Gois who had on line results immediately posted to a computer on display on two flat screen TVs as well as the usual score keeping on the AMYA Results Chart on the porch for all to see at any time. I should mention the terrific regatta sailed by Chuck Mullican who just dusted us both days with a masterful regatta win. Congratulations, Chuck.

I do have an issue with part of the the experience. Most of you reading this were not there. I could name fifteen skippers who have been there on a regular basis over the past several years who, for some apocalyptic reason, did not make the trip to Stowe. We had fifteen registered vs. past numbers in the 20's. Only twelve showed up. It was great to sail as one fleet but that was not what Stowe has been in the past. I'm saying all this because I am concerned about attendance. Where are the EC12 R1 and R2 guys who always added to this fun gem of a regatta? Do we have a class problem on attendance; or is this just an off year; or not enough publicity; or the stars were not aligned for your schedule?