Roar at The Shore 4

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Roar at The Shore 4

Postby Skip Hall » Wed Apr 11, 2018 10:44 am

Wanted to post the information for the Roar at The Soar 4, scheduled back to our usual date: May 19-20. One week before the Memorial Day Weekend. Come enjoy the best the Jersey Shore has to offer!!

It's on both the EC12 Sailing Schedule and The AMYA Regatta Schedule. Hopefully we'll have a good turnout for this regatta. Nothing like our Jersey Shore weather in the Spring Time!! Has on-line registration on both websites to make it easier to register. I've moved the entry deadline to May 15, due to various regattas both here and aboard.

At the moment we have three entries:
Cape May Ray (First)
Jim Flach
Domenick Bonanno

Looking for the usual skippers and hopefully some new faces.....

At the moment we have eight skippers signed up with just over two weeks to go. The lowest field to date... Loking for some of the usual skippers to register, know a couple were out of the country for several and just know getting back to normal.

Either way we look forward to everyone that will sail to enjoy the Jersey Shore at its best!!
Skip Hall
Skip Hall
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Re: Roar at The Shore 4

Postby Skip Hall » Mon May 21, 2018 11:59 am

We hoped the Jersey Shore would bless us with the best it could offer, instead day one gave us the worst it had to offer. Heavy rain and wind out of the East North East greeted us the entire day with B Rigs the wise decision. Mike Campbell was our RD and did a outstanding job considering the conditions. The wind direction doesn’t lend us the best course, however with some input from DB both days, we laid out the best course under the existing conditions.

It quickly became apparent that it would become the brother Dave’s show, with DB the number one brother followed by Dave Ramos and then Dave Branning. Under very trying conditions Mike was able to complete 14 races. We decided we had enough around 3:00 and went our separate way to dry and thaw out.

Day two was the complete opposite of day one, 180 degree wind direction SouthSouthWest shifting back and forth to the South, this time A Rigs were the wise choice. DB put the hammer down and never let up. He had seven bullets out of ten races with a four as one of his throwuts!! WOW is all we can say!! Everyone sailed very, very well especially under some trying conditions. Mike reminded everyone at the beginning we would use the EC12 Code of Conduct, with that in mind any protest were resolved on the water.

After 24 races sailed, with a throwout every six races, here are the final results:

1/ Dave Brawner 30 points
2/ Dave Ramos 46 points
3/ Dave Branning 61 points
4/ Domenick Bonanno 84 points
5/ Scott Graf 93 points
6/ Harry Mote 96 points
7/ Jamey Betz 120 points (Boat problem day one)
8/ William Sysyn 142 points
9/ Al Schober 178 points ( Boat problem, retired)

Wanted to thank everyone that came once again, a special Thanks to both Mike Campbell and Judy Bonanno!! Judy was our scorekeeper and our photographer, both at the same time it seemed.... Hope to see everyone next year!!
Skip Hall
Skip Hall
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Re: Roar at The Shore 4

Postby Dave_Branning » Mon May 21, 2018 2:29 pm

Well done you Marbleheaders of Spring Lake, especially Skip Hall, Mike Campbell and Judy Bonanno. In spite of the Saturday weather we really enjoyed the relaxed racing. The warm shower was very welcome Saturday evening. Congrats to Dave Brawner and Dave Ramos who dusted us smartly. It was a shame Jamey lost a rig after winning the first race Saturday but it was terrific he came back on Sunday to get back in the hunt. A very fun weekend and the laughs and spirited competition made the weekend. For those of you who decided to miss this one, you missed a great time. We had a spirited post regatta discussion about going to Detroit next month for the EC12 Regionals as well as the November National Championship in Punta Gorda, FL in November. NCR Web site is now FYI with registration going live in September. We will be looking into financially attractive VRBO housing opportunities for our R2 contingent. Anybody interested?
Don't forget Stowe in two weeks and the third leg of the Colonial Cup series, the Annapolis EC12 RCR now open for registrations at:
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