NCR Criteria for host clubs/venues

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NCR Criteria for host clubs/venues

Postby bigfoot55 » Thu Mar 29, 2018 7:12 pm

In accordance with AMYA policy, the Class Secretary must approve and designate Regional and National Championship Regattas. When a club wishes to host one one of the events, they should submit the request. I submit them to the Secretary for his approval.

In a nut shell, we are looking for 'a good lake with access, easy launching and a port-o-let'. Other amenities make the event more enjoyable. For the last 15 years or so, these have been the criteria. Exceptions have been sought and granted for some things.

Geographic variety.- We try to move the location around in the country to make it accessible to more skippers. 2019 should be in a northern area.

Distance from class population- We want to make it accessible by road as well. ie, Oak Hollow was chosen to give access to skippers from Chicago/Detroit as well as R1 and R7.

Venue quality- course length, number of laps, height of the control area, ability to accommodate varied wind direction, weather limitations. Number of boats per fleet it can handle. We want quality racing, not bumper boats with fleets of 15 to 20.

Promotion/Relegation is the standard racing format.
Racing conducted on Thursday, Friday and Saturday with a dinner awards program on Sat nite.
Seeding races and/or use of class ranking. We used to use a afternoon for seeding races, or a morning, but we have cut out the need to measure and most seeding races are eliminated.
Limits on entries have not been necessary in recent years. First entry in is the way we have done it when necessary. we expect entries min 37 max 52

20 boats is the max number in a fleet. We may well have 3 fleets, so it has to handle 36 up to 50 total skippers.

Amenities, parking etc., accommodations nearby? Food banquet facility?

Club logistics, Previous experience with hosting NCR. Or do we need to bring in a PRO Etc.

Comments are welcome, as are volunteers to host.
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