3rd Annual Roar At The Shore Regatta Aug 19/20

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3rd Annual Roar At The Shore Regatta Aug 19/20

Postby Skip Hall » Fri Jul 07, 2017 3:38 pm

We're about a month and a half for the third annual Roar at The Shore Regatta. Come enjoy the best the Jersey Shore has to offer. Our lake is located one block from the ocean which usually blesses us with the favored offshore breeze. Several additional hotels have been added which are just 15 minutes from the lake, hopefully will provide more choices for lodging.

The list of registered skippers are:

Cape May Ray
Dave Branning
Harry Mote
Jim Flach
Tim Stone
Roger Baldwin
Scott Graf
James Betz
Mark Rinehart
Mike Campbell
Fred DeSantis
Domenick Bonanno
Dave Brawner
Dave Ramos
Victor Oberg
Jerry Franko (If it Doesn't rain)

Hoping to see the rest of the usual suspects, many will be sailing in Detroit at The Sail For The Cure Regatta. They're sailing both J Boats and EC12's for a excellent cause. Good luck to all!!

Just several weeks left to register, hope to see Dave & Alex Ramos along with Dave Brawner. Dave Ramos has been on quite a run, winning in every Regatta he's sailed in. From Stowe to Detroit winning each one. Geez Dave, give the rest of us a chance....
Let's see some of our group from Spring Lake register, try to defend our home turf...
See everyone soon!!
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Skip Hall
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Re: 3rd Annual Roar At The Shore Regatta Aug 19/20

Postby Capt. Flak » Mon Aug 21, 2017 7:38 am

Do we have results yet? Enquiring minds want to know.
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Re: 3rd Annual Roar At The Shore Regatta Aug 19/20

Postby Skip Hall » Mon Aug 21, 2017 8:17 pm

Okay guys here is the short version. We were blessed with great weather and wind at 8-10 mph both days. Saturday the wind started out of the SW, after race two it clocked 180 degrees to the SE for the rest of the day. We decided to use the cesspool system as there were 18 boats, which worked perfectly for that system. We sailed 2 1/2 laps both days with a windward leeward course using most of our sailing area. Sunday the wind would be out of the NW, so we reset the course somewhat and began once again. We completed 24 heats which came to 15 scored races with a throw out every 6 races. Everyone seemed to throughly enjoy themselves and we called it after the 24th race. To no ones surprise it was that Ramos guy once again winning. He's certainly on a excellent roll for sure... All kidding aside, Great Job Dave!! Mark Rinehart second, Jamey Betz third, Dave Brawner fourth and Jim Flach fifth. Quite a impressive top five, four out of five past and present national champions!!! All protests were resolved on the water, a very well sailed Regatta.

Thanks to everyone that sailed, especially our furthest sailor Tim Stone from Vermont!! Also a shout out to our race committee and assistants!! Without a doubt their hard work made for a very enjoyable Regatta!!
Skip Hall
Skip Hall
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Re: 3rd Annual Roar At The Shore Regatta Aug 19/20

Postby Dave_Branning » Tue Aug 22, 2017 7:51 am

Skip and the Marbleheaders of Spring Lake: Putting on a quality regatta is hard work. There are lots of details on the check list, ensuring the successful event. You did them all. My hat is off to your whole team but especially to Skip who marshaled you all to execute a perfect weekend in Spring Lake. Kudos to the Chamber for the weather excellence. Oh, and to David Ramos, Mark Rinehart, Jamey Betz, Dave Brawner m& Jim Flach for demonstrating terrific racing skills and tactics. I love the CESS POOL system and it works well; the best guy wins and watching the top guys Sunday was great sport.

Domenick...the TILGHMAN REGATTA in three weeks. :P
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Re: 3rd Annual Roar At The Shore Regatta Aug 19/20

Postby Tim » Wed Aug 23, 2017 11:44 am

I concern with David Branning's comments above! I had a great time at a very well run regatta. The weather was great and camaraderie was fantastic. Thanks again to Skip for letting me use his Garage Friday evening to make final electrical repairs to my my boat.
Can't wail til the next event.
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Re: 3rd Annual Roar At The Shore Regatta Aug 19/20

Postby Skip Hall » Tue Aug 29, 2017 10:22 am

Per our Region 2 Director's request, here's the regatta report for the Roar at The Shore…
by Skip Hall
On Saturday we welcomed 18 competitors to picture perfect weather to this years Roar At The Shore iii Regatta. The wind started out of the Northwest at 8 mph. With the 18 boats sailing it was decided to use the cesspool system in lieu of P/R. Twelve boats would start each heat with the remaining six sitting out. There were three heats that allowed everyone to sail against each other at least once. Each heat was determined by randomly selecting their sail numbers on Ping-Pong balls with two boards showing three races that would sit out those races. After heat three the wind clocked around 180 degrees to the ESE at 8-10 mph. This is the preferred wind direction for our lake as it is a offshore breeze. Instead of breaking after three races we continued until lunch arrived around noonish. That’s one of the benefits of the cesspool system, not taking breaks to sail more races. After lunch we sailed until 3:30 pm and had completed 16 heats and called it a day. Half the fleet went their separate ways and the remaining went to diner at a local restaurant around 6:30. Right after racing some of us stopped at a local Ice Cream Shop which is just what we do ,,, A nice way to cool off and enjoy the local fare… The top six began to emerge with the usual suspects, Ramos, Rinehart, Betz, Brawner, Flach. The sixth was our own club commodore, Domenick Bonaano. Knowing the lake and its quirks certainly helps..

Sunday began much like Saturday, clear skies, pleasant temperatures, and the wind out of the Northwest at 8 mph. After resetting the marks the racing started once again. The only change would be that the top six would sail against each other the rest of the regatta, sailing very third heat together. That’s the beauty of the cesspool system, the top six would fight it out with each other and the rest of the fleet has their chance sailing with them. We broke for lunch around noon once again and resume racing about 1:00 pm. After sailing 24 heats, which became 15 races, we called it a regatta. There were quite a few that had travelled long distances this was the reason to stop when we did. We had Tim Stone all the way from Vermont, Al Schober from Connecticut, Mark Rinehart, Delaware, Roger Baldwin, Dave Ramos, Scott Graf all from Maryland, Jim Flach and Jamey Betz from Pennsylvania and the remaining more than one hour away from Jersey. Remember, it was Sunday afternoon at the shore and traffic is terrible to say the least!!

After we added the scores with the throw outs ( one every six races ), the top five would be:
Dave Ramos-25 points (Yes Joe, Dave Again!), Mark Rinehart-27 points, Jamey Betz-29 points, Dave Brawner-36 points and Jim Flach-58 points. Jim has usually been our Top Photographer and now has established himself as one of the top sailors…

Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves with the picture perfect weather and venue. Really didn’t hear any complaints.. All protests were resolved on the water and it’s a testament to every competitor to the quality of cooperation. Thanks everyone once again!!! Many, many Thanks to the race committee and assistants!! Without their hard work we could not have achieved the success it was!!! Thanks to Andrew Herschman and Karen Hall our scorekeepers, Domenick Bonanno, Bill Sysyn, Debbie Herschman and Harry Mote our assistants. Last but certainly not lest, Judy Bonanno our Photographer for her Great Shots!! Excellent Job everyone!! Can’t wait until next year…. See you at Tilghman in two weeks ….

Summary of the 2017 EC12 Roar At The Shore lll Regatta
Dates: August 19-20
Location: Divine Park, Spring Lake
Host Club: Marbleheaders of Spring Lake
Entries: 18
Wind: 8-10 mph
Races Completed: 15 (24 heats)
Scoring: Low Point System (Cesspool System)
Race Committee: Skip Hall,RD, Andrew Herschman & Karen Hall, Scorekeeping, Bill Sysyn, Domenick Bonaano, Harry Mote, Debbie Herschman, Assistants and Judy Bonanno, Photographer

EC12 Regatta Results
Place Skipper Points
1 Dave Ramos 25
2 Mark Rinehart 27
3 Jamey Betz 29
4 Dave Brawner 36
5 Jim Flach 58
6 Harry Mote 60* Tiebreak
7 Dave Branning 60
8 Domenick Bonanno 74
9 Scott Graf 86
10 Tim Stone 93
Remaining finishers: Mike Campbell, Fred Desantis, Victor Oberg, Jerry Franko, Cape May Ray, Roger Baldwin, Al Schober, Bill Sysyn
Skip Hall
Skip Hall
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