Red White and Blue Regatta, Acworth GA, July 9

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Red White and Blue Regatta, Acworth GA, July 9

Postby rs vernon » Sat Jun 17, 2017 9:59 pm

The NOR and online signup have been posted on the AMYA regatta website for this one day EC-12 regatta on Sunday, July 9 at Atlanta Yacht Club in Acworth, Georgia - north of Atlanta.
I hope you can join us. We plan to be racing off the beach as we have done for the past 3 (?) wildly successful and fun regattas.
NOR link
Online signup link

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Re: Red White and Blue Regatta, Acworth GA, July 9

Postby skip » Mon Jul 10, 2017 10:45 am

My thanks to Robert and his regatta committee for another fun regatta at the Atlanta Yacht Club. The hospitality presented by the hosts was exceptional. If you haven't experienced a regatta at the Atlanta Yacht Club, you must. Very light wind with moments of a "puff". Add to that a few "spreader high" boat wakes and you can imagine the thrill we had on the lake. Thistles, Snipes and Y-Flyers racing less than a 100 yards from our course. It was a site! Thanks again AYC!

Skip Allen
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Re: Red White and Blue Regatta, Acworth GA, July 9

Postby rs vernon » Tue Jul 11, 2017 9:55 am

I wrote this yesterday before reading Skip's words. I guess we both had a great time.

Fun one day regatta. Forecast was for very light wind and that was true for most of the day. We made the best of it, slatting along in boat waves which seemed to make a pretty good power source for moving an EC-12 forward on some legs of the course. For the last 3 of the afternoon races the wind rose to about 4 to 6 and shifty (which is a good thing) from the northwest – perfect direction – and the course was reset to provide a very long course twice around.

Jack Ward won at least one of the afternoon races passing most of the fleet by going well to the right. He convinced John Muhlhausen to follow him and so John made a big move up in the standings with a second in that race. Jack and John did score well, all day though. Glad to see John do so well. He does know how to make his boat go fast.

Skip Allen obviously dominated the racing, being out in front from the start or working his way up to the top or near the top in most every race. Congratulations to Bill Tumlin, who staked his claim to a top spot by doing well all day long and by winning the first 2 races after lunch.

It was great to race with Jack Ward, who was probably the happiest of all of us to finally see some high quality/good test late races.

Big thanks to RD and participant Robert Mitchell and his outstanding AYC crew. Atlanta Yacht Club is made up of so many talented and eager-to-help people. Great friendly club. And we got through a whole weekend of big and small boat races without rain.

1 Skip Allen 20 points
2 Bill Tumlin 34
3 Jack Ward 38
4 Scott Vernon 38
5 John Muhlhausen 43
6 Robert Mitchell 44
7 Skip Steagall 45
8 Jack Shepard 46
9 David Pulling 69

To add to what Skip said. It was almost startling to see a group of Y-Flyers not too far away behind the EC-12s. To the eye they looked just a little bigger than our boats, but to my brain they looked like monster boats.

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