2017 Green Mountain Regatta, J Boats & EC12

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2017 Green Mountain Regatta, J Boats & EC12

Postby Tim » Wed Mar 22, 2017 5:05 pm

The Green Mountain Regatta for J Boats and EC12 is coming up on June 1st -4th.
The NOR should be available on the The AMYA Regatta page and the EC12 Regatta page very soon.
You can also access it here.


The Entry Form for the J Boat & EC12 Regattas is Active and can be accessed via clicking the link at the bottom of NOR and or going to [url]stoweyachtclub.com[/url] and click on the "REGATTAS" Tab.
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Re: 2017 Green Mountain Regatta, J Boats & EC12

Postby Tim » Tue Jun 06, 2017 1:19 pm

2017 EC12 Green Mountain Regatta

By: Charlie Berry

Stowe Yacht Club and The Commodores Inn held this annual event on the pond behind the Inn, in Stowe, Vermont. The regatta is part of the New England Cup Championship Series and is the 2017 Region 1 Championship. There were 27 competitors, including four from Canada.

The weather was a real challenge this year – way more than usual. With apologies to Bob Dylan, “Everyone Must Get Stowed”. And, indeed, everyone did: sailor and RC alike. Light and variable winds were combined with temperatures 20 degrees below average on Saturday. Sunday brought some sun and warmer temperatures, but the wind remained very light and variable. Sailors and RC did the best they could with the conditions and we managed 8 races (16 heats) on Saturday and 6 races (12 heats) on Sunday.

With 27 boats, we used the EORS two-fleet system, moving four boats up and down. We used the Class Ranking System but added one seeding race to “fine-tune” the fleets. The seeding race did not count in the scoring. With the EORS system, we had up to 16 boats in a heat. Combined with the variable conditions, this made for challenging starts and mark roundings.

Dave Brawner and Dave Ramos had a very tight series for the top spot throughout the weekend. In fact, it came down to the final race, where Ramos beat Brawner by 3 places, sealing his victory. Dave Branning locked up 3rd place by having 3 bullets in the final four races. I overheard a competitor say, “Dave swept the first three places”. And so he did. Alex Ramos and Chuck Luscomb rounded out the top 5 finishers.

The EORS does create situations whereby sailors can stay “in the bubble” if they finish in the top four of B fleet, moving up to A, finishing in the bottom four, moving back to B and so on. The regatta’s Bubble Boy honors went to Paul Switzer of Canada, who raced the first eight heats back to back on Sunday before finally remaining in the A fleet. He got his money’s worth in term of races sailed!

Summary of the Green Mountain Regatta:
Class: EC12
Date: June 3 & 4, 2017
Location: Commodores Inn, Stowe, VT
Host Club: Stowe Yacht Club (#159)
Entries: 27
Winds: Light & Very Variable
Races completed: 14 (28 Heats)
Scoring System: EORS Promotion/Relegation; 2 Heats
Thanks to Race Committee: Charlie Berry, Rosemarie
Fitzhugh, Bob & Suzan Letwenski, Louise Townsend, Robert De Gols

Green Mountain Regatta Results:

Place - Last Name - First Name - Points

1 Ramos Dave 38
2 Brawner Dave 40
3 Branning Dave 63
4 Ramos Alex 66.2
5 Luscomb Chuck 82
6 Ouimette Don 97
7 Goddard Jim 99.7
8 Wolfe Ed 105.2
9 West Rick 109
10 Dion Al 120

Remaining Finishers: Chuck Millican, John Martin, Brian Kerrigan, George Townsend, Bob Shluger, Harry Mote, Paul Switzer, Tim Stone, Bruce Nourjian, Ken Shaw, Roger Baldwin, Jeff Gros, Jonathan Pelley, Bob Boutilier, Phil Tonks, Gary Bugden, Al Schober.
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Re: 2017 Green Mountain Regatta, J Boats & EC12

Postby Dave_Branning » Tue Jun 06, 2017 2:15 pm

The Green Mountain Regatta is a real treasure in the EC12 annual circuit. The Stowe RC and Commodore Inn team make this an annual treat to attend. This is a devoted and professional group of people that can't be topped anywhere in the EC12 world. Who cares about the weather, it's the fun with friends and fill in the time with some races. Kudos to Daves Ramos and Brawner for the clinic. Congratulations. Thanks to RD Charlie Berry who had some tough calls to make in squaring the line and finding a weather mark that was somewhere upwind when there was no wind when the clock started. None of us wanted his job. I love this trip to Vermont. Can I pre-register for 2018?
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