2016 Green Mountain Regatta

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2016 Green Mountain Regatta

Postby bigfoot55 » Thu May 19, 2016 7:36 am

Jun 4-5, 2016 Green Mountain Regatta Stowe VT
2016 Green Mountain Regatta - EC-12 Results
Place L Name F Name Points
1 Ramos Dave 25
2 Brawner Dave 30
3 Luscomb Chuck 44
4 Branning Dave 61
5 Townsend George 66
6 Dion Al 71
7 Shluger Bob 72.4
8 Ouimette Don 78
9 Pelley Jonathan 89
10 Nourjian Bruce 91
11 Jobson Brian 95
12 Millican Chuck 104
13 West Rick 133
14 Mueller Gary 148
15 Kerrigan Brian 159
16 Mote Harry 170
17 Boutilier Boots 176
18 Goddard Jim 181
19 Fleckenstein Mark 185
20 Tonks Phil 187
21 Switzer Paul 189
22 Gros Jeff 211
23 Thorsen Allan 220
24 Bugden Gary 245
25 MacLellan Kevin 249
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Re: 2016 Green Mountain Regatta

Postby efreeland » Mon Jun 06, 2016 1:17 pm

I heard they sailed six races on Sunday, with Ramos prevailing followed by Brawner I believe. Not sure of the rest, I know luscomb was up there too.
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Re: 2016 Green Mountain Regatta

Postby DBrawner » Mon Jun 06, 2016 9:15 pm

2016 Green Mountain Regatta
Stowe, VT

By David Brawner

Twenty-five skippers made it to the race course for the Green Mountain Regatta at the Commodores Inn last weekend. The rest of you missed a really good time. Enough thank you’s can’t be said for all the hard work of the race committee and our hosts and staff of the Commodores Inn. There are so many people that I don’t want to risk missing one. To all, thank you!!

The bulk of the fleet had spent the previous day racing the big lumbering J’s on the Commodores Inn pond. Once the EC12’s were broken out, they just looked so tiny and even seemed to respond “quickly”. Perspective is an odd thing.

We had a beautiful day of sunshine followed by a day of Noah collecting animals in pairs. We sailed two fleet Promotion/Relegation on Saturday. With a good portion of the fleet deciding not to sail in the rain, we were able to sail as one large fleet on Sunday.

Dave Ramos won the regatta with a steady effort throughout. Though Chuck Luscomb and I were just behind Dave in the final order, we never worried him in the rain on Sunday. Dave Branning continues his back surgery rehab tour with a strong fourth place overall finish. See what happens when there isn’t a silver fleet.  Local boy, George Townsend grabbed a bullet in race 10 and took fifth place overall with a big smile.

Newcomer Chuck Millican was the class of the field on Saturday. It was just an honor and a privilege to be on the same pond with him. He quietly ended the day with three straight 2nds to take a 4 point lead at the end of the day. There was a lot of rain on Sunday. But, it only took one drop of water in the wrong place to wipe out Chuck’s transmitter and the hope of an overall finish fitting of his performance a day earlier.

The draw to Stowe is almost magical. On paper, there is really no reason to come here. It’s a small pond hundreds of miles from the nearest fleet and to say the least, the wind is a bit fluky. Yet, the fleet comes from all over the country…Rick West from California, a group from the corner of Canada, a group from the Chicago area and the rest of us from parts as far south as South Carolina. There is a reason that we all come to this regatta. You have to come to understand it.

Is registration for the 2017 Green Mountain open yet?


Friday's J Day Event

Saturday's EC12's.


2016 “J Day” at the Green Mountain Regatta

By: Charlie Berry

Stowe Yacht Club hosted the 2nd annual “J Day” as part of the Green Mountain Regatta. Last year, the venue was the Waterbury Reservoir, a large body of water a few miles from the Inn. We received requests over the winter to hold the event on the Commodores Pond behind the Inn, a comparatively small pond. After considerable discussion and feedback from participants, we decided to give the “Big Boats/Small Pond” concept a shot. With 11 boats registered, we ran a two-heat odd/even format. This put a max of 6 boats on the line and the experiment worked. With the significant logistics of getting the J’s on and off the course between heats, we had each fleet run two heats back-to-back. This kept things moving along quite well.

As is common in the J Boat class, many of the boat owners invited other skippers to participate in the racing. The boat, not the skipper is scored. And, the emphasis is on camaraderie and respecting the investment in these magnificent boats. The racing among the top five boats was close and exciting to watch. In the end, Dave Ramos pulled off the victory with his Shamrock. One side-note regarding shared skippering: Dave Brawner had Harry Mote sharing races and Dave provided the two throw-out races for the team. Way to go, Dave!

Chuck Millican dusted off an old Whirlwind/Vanguard model he built many years ago. We were all interested to see if its smaller scale and shorter waterline could effectively compete against the significantly larger J models. The answer came through pretty clearly: “No”. It was a tough day for the Whirlwind.

The comic relief moment-of-the-day came from Chuck Luscomb, though he likely sees it differently. After finishing first in one race, his concentration lapsed briefly, and the bow of his boat went dead-on into the large metal overflow drain for the pond. The sound was heard ‘round the pond. In attempting to retrieve his boat, he slipped on the steep grassy bank. While airborne, he managed to lift his radio and pull his cell from his pocket, saving both from a watery grave. Quite a show, Chuck!

J Day is establishing itself as a traditional part of the Green Mountain regatta and we feel the Big Girls have found a good home on a small pond.

Green Mountain “J Day” Results:

Place Skipper J Model Points

1 Dave Ramos Shamrock 12
2 Gary Mueller Ranger 14
3 Chuck Luscomb Yankee 14.2
4 Tim Stone Endeavour 16
5 Dave Brawner Shamrock 17
6 Mark Fleckenstein Shamrock 24
7 Jeff Gross Shamrock 25
8 Brian Kerrigan Ranger 28
9 Kevin MacLellan Shamrock 33
10 George Townsend Rainbow 37
11 Chuck Millican Whirlwind/Vanguard 38

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Re: 2016 Green Mountain Regatta

Postby daramos » Mon Jun 06, 2016 10:49 pm

Stowe this year was such a great time. It's been a few years since I have been able to make the trip up but it was well worth it. Two of the three days had amazing weather and great sailing. Even on rainy Sunday the sailing was fun and everyone had a ball.
The green mountain regatta would not be Stowe if someone did not get Stowed and the honors were spread around widely so that no one felt left out. Apologies to Rick West as DB and I made the unforgivable mistake of congratulating him on a great race while leading to the finish by 40+ yds only to hear him reply "guys there's a lot of water between me and the finish" ohh the horror the horror!! The wind died and left Rick short only to build from behind and have six boats pass him at the finish. Rick just smiled and I wanted to cry or hide for putting the whammy on him. Good to have you on the water sailing with us again Sir.

Thanks to Stowe Yacht Club for putting in a great event and Bruce for hosting this creazy group of sailors.

Chuck M it was an honor and a pleasure to sail with you....hahaha
David Ramos
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Re: 2016 Green Mountain Regatta

Postby Dave_Branning » Wed Jun 08, 2016 9:02 am

The Green Mountain/Stowe EC12 Regatta posts so far have been terrific and capture the magic of just being at the venue that is Stowe. My contribution here is to personally thank Dave Brawner, Charlie Berry, Chuck Luscomb, Dave Ramos and several others who put my boat in the water and lifted it out. DB even put it in my car. Rehab from spine surgery is pretty slow going and lifting and balancing a 25 pound boat is terrifying at the least. This was the first time I was able to just walk/stagger the course. I have some port tack coupons for each of you when we meet again.
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Re: 2016 Green Mountain Regatta

Postby cberry » Thu Jun 09, 2016 9:29 pm

AHOY EC12 Sailors - Anyone leave an EC12 boat launcher in the boat shed and forget to pick it up? It's white, with blue & pink wrapping along the top, with a rope retainer line. Let me know and we'll figure out how to get it to its rightful home -- Charlie Berry
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Re: 2016 Green Mountain Regatta

Postby Dave_Branning » Sat Jun 11, 2016 8:08 am

No more calls, we have a winner! :roll: It's Branning's launcher.
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