2016 Soak at the Oak Regatta Greensboro-High Point, NC

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Re: 2016 Soak at the Oak Regatta Greensboro-High Point, NC

Postby steve h » Fri May 27, 2016 11:27 am

Regatta report. Still havent had a chance to upload pics yet. Hoping to do that over the weekend.

2016 Soak at the Oak EC12 Regatta, May 21-22, 2016
Thirteen skippers traveled from GA, SC, Charlotte, and Raleigh, to join the Greensboro Model Yacht Club regulars at Oak Hollow Lake for the 2016 Soak at the Oak Regatta. Heavy rains arrived Friday evening, but that didn’t stop several early arrivals from joining a couple of locals for dinner and beverages. Fortunately, the rain passed through overnight, and Saturday morning brought overcast skies and light winds. RD Steve Helander set out the course, while GMYC Race Staff got the skippers checked in, and pointed them toward the food. A skippers meeting laid out the course, scoring, and addressed any questions. Boats were on the water, and the first race started promptly at 930. Chuck Millican scored the first bullet of the day, in a very close duel with David Linville. Gerry Cobley suffered a broken winch sheet, and returned to shore for repairs, missing the next two races after a 2nd winch sheet failure. David Linville took the next 3 bullets, swapping places with Chuck, and Ken Williams sneaking in a 2nd place. Racing within the rest of the fleet was fairly tight, with several boats finishing simultaneously in each of the races. Gerry returned to the water, and clicked off an ammo belt of bullets, taking us to the lunch break. The wind continued to build, as well as Gerry’s ammo belt. He completed a sweep of races 6-11, with five different skippers taking 2nd. Mid-fleet racing heated up, with gaggles of 6 to 9 boats glued together. A risky decision paid off for some, and hurt others. Scott Vernon stayed in the top 5 in most races. Ron Small clicked off a couple of 4th places, breaking in a new boat, and Alan Morris had a few top 6 finishes. Bob Mersereau joined us, and spent the morning mixing it up with the fleet. The wind kept the races going, and David cranked out three more 1st places, with Gerry scoring a couple 2nd’s, and Martin Rexius nabbing 3 top 5 positions in 4 races. Gerry closed out our day of racing with another win, followed by David Linville, Scott Vernon, Charlotte’s Scott Davis in 4th, and Chuck Millican in 5th. New skipper Dennis Headberg had his best finish of the day, taking home a 6th in the final heat. His sailing improved as the event went on. After fifteen races, everyone packed up, and we managed to beat the severe thunderstorms that passed across the area. We met for dinner at Fatz, where the scoresheets were passed around, and a great evening of socializing capped off Day 1.
Sunday morning brought a corporate sponsor: Kenmore. The passing cold front wrapped around, and brought wind from the north, which is the least favorable direction for the venue. The wind was very light, but that didn’t stop Gerry from picking up where he left off. He took the first two races of the morning, with Scott Vernon, and Tom Linville grabbing a 2nd place each. Chuck took the bullet in the next heat, with David, Gerry, and Alan Morris rounding out the top 4. The Kenmore Washing Machine kicked in, causing very challenging times for the racers and RD. The wind was shifting almost every heat, which allowed the fleet to start through the gates they had finished through the previous heat. Boats would get knocked over from a gust, and then get becalmed, only to get knocked over again. The wind built up through 12-15 knots. Gerry was able to stay out of most of the knockdowns, and rattled off 6 more bullets to complete 25 races for the event. Lew English scored an event high 2nd place finish, and Alan Morris finished strong, with several top 3 finishes in the final heats. Dennis grabbed another 6th place finish on Sunday, closing out quite a learning experience for him.
Assistant RD Jamie Helander totaled up the scores as competitors loaded up, and a quick awards ceremony was held. Laser etched wood slabs were presented to positions 1-5. Gerry Cobley, David Linville, Scott Vernon, Chuck Millican, and Ken Williams are the top 5 for the regatta. Full field standings are below. Race staff included Clint Collins, Jamie Helander, Glenn Morris, George Morris, and RD Steve Helander. This was a great event, with very tight, clean racing, in very challenging conditions. All protests were handled by the next mark, with only a handful of protests during the event. Greensboro Model Yacht Club would like to thank those who participated in our 2016 Soak at the Oak Regatta, whether as a competitor, or as staff. We hope to see everyone in 2017.

2016 Soak at the Oak EC12 Regatta
May 21-22, 2016
Oak Hollow Lake, NC
1. Gerry Cobley (2125) 29
2. David Linville (2099) 51
3. Scott Vernon (3880) 88
4. Chuck Millican (2180) 100
5. Ken Williams (1693) 114
6. Alan Morris (2373) 140
7. Lew English (2380) 145
8. Ron Small (1969) 162
9. Tom Linville (2132) 178
10. Martin Rexius (1738) 187 (radio failure Sunday)
11. Dennis Headberg (2093) 211
12. Scott Davis (1896) 222 (Saturday only)
13. Bob Mersereau (1927) 316 (Saturday only)
Race Staff:
RD: Steve Helander
Asst RD: Jamie Helander
Race Staff: Clint Collins, George Morris, Glenn Morris
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Re: 2016 Soak at the Oak Regatta Greensboro-High Point, NC

Postby steve h » Sat May 28, 2016 10:52 am

Pictures of the event are here:

Havent had a chance to go through the videos I took from my phone yet.
#1988 and #1858...aka Frank's boat
steve h
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