44th Liberty Bell Regatta

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44th Liberty Bell Regatta

Postby DBrawner » Sun Feb 21, 2016 10:11 am

The 44th annual Liberty Bell Regatta will be held on April 2nd & 3rd at Laurel Acres Park, Mt. Laurel, NJ.

NOR: http://brawner.net/libertybell2016.pdf

Registration has closed.
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Re: 44th Liberty Bell Regatta

Postby DBrawner » Mon Mar 21, 2016 8:17 am

***** Registered Skippers. *****

First Name Last Name Sail Number
David Ramos 05
Raymond Szulczewski 21
Jamey Betz 34
David Hammett 39
Mark Fleckenstein 51
Victor Oberg 75
Jerome Franko 77
Rick West 94
Mark Rinehart 166
Tim Stone 484
Christopher Bock 549
Domenick Bonanno 888
Bob Shluger 929
Skip Hall 1384
Ivor Walton 1540
Harry Mote 1756
Martin Besant 1870
Scott Graf 1874
Don Barker 2025
Frederick Maurer 2037
Jim Flach 2092
Roger Baldwin 2178
Joseph Cole 2999
Rick Boulay 49
Danny Thomas 1405
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Re: 44th Liberty Bell Regatta

Postby DBrawner » Sun Apr 03, 2016 10:08 pm

44th Annual Liberty Bell Regatta

Hammett wins the EC12 Rubber Duck World Championship. More on this later.

Now back to the Liberty Bell….

This year, with a fleet size just too big for the CESS Pool, we broke the fleet into permanent Gold and Silver fleets after an admittedly clunky series of mixed fleet races. The mixed fleet portion could have gone better if Mother Nature had just a bit of cooperative spirit at some point before the last hour of Saturday and with a little more thought on my part.

Any of the top three finishers in Gold could or should have won the regatta. And, there is story as to why they did or didn’t win. Mark won because he sailed just like he’s done while winning four National Championships. He was so quiet that you hardly knew he was there and he just kept the boat moving. Dave was a couple points ahead of Mark when his stay made an awful twanging sound as it gave way leaving the rig no option but to fall. Trouble on the race course found Danny on more than one occasion. Watching his ability to recover is a learning experience.

Friday night, I threw the idea to Lisa of having the Saturday dinner at our house rather than a local restaurant. Her response, “twenty-five people? No problem. Let’s do it.” Damn, I married well. Both of us had a blast and thank everyone for coming. That was a fun night unless you’re an Oklahoma fan.

Saturday’s light and fluky wind gave way to Sunday’s gale force breeze that was whipping up water out of the lake making it impossible to race. The conditions had us thinking more of Dorothy and Toto than sailing toy boats. It was way too windy even for a “B” rigs. So…we had a no rig race. Why not?
Twelve of us idiots launched our rig-less boats just like rubber ducks from the windward end of the lake with the finish line at the leeward end. David Hammett won followed by Jamey Betz and Don Barker. Yes, it was just as stupid as it sounds. But, there were a bunch of smiles.

Now onto the thank you portion: To all the skippers, thanks for making the effort to get here and sail under less than desirable conditions. To Nick Mortgu and Beth Lippincott, thanks for doing all the hard work arranging everything on shore including food, trophies and scoring. It was great to have Dave Branning lakeside handling finishes with Jerry Franko, who doesn’t sail if there is rain within 50 miles of the lake. Lastly, thanks to Lisa not only for the bunch of baking for the regatta, but also for tolerating me.

The Colonial Cup series now moves to State College at the end of the month. See you there.

Gold Fleet results:

1. Mark Rinehart 14
2. Danny Thomas 16
3. David Ramos 25
4. Don Barker 26
5. Jamey Betz 30 (tiebreaker)
6. Ivor Walton 30
7. Jim Flach 32
8. Harry Mote 34
9. Scott Graf 37
10. Bob Shluger 43
11. Tim Stone 47
12. Rick West 48

Silver Fleet results:

1. David Hammett 28
2. Mr. Joseph Cole 30
3. Martin Besant 33
4. Fred Maurer 38 (tiebreaker)
5. Cape May Ray 38
6. Skip Hall 44
7. Victor Oberg 46
8. Chris Bock 46
9. Mark Fleckenstein 48
10. Domenick Bonanno 55
11. Roger Baldwin 57
12. Rick Boulay 58

[size=150]Jim Flach Pictures: https://regatta.smugmug.com/2016-EC12-L ... l-Regatta/
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Re: 44th Liberty Bell Regatta

Postby Capt. Flak » Sun Apr 03, 2016 10:17 pm

Looks like it was a blast. Great report David.
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Re: 44th Liberty Bell Regatta

Postby ivorcwalton » Tue Apr 05, 2016 12:54 pm

Thanks Dave, and to all your helpers, for a very "interesting" Liberty Bell regatta. I'm just glad that I wasn't RD for this one. Very challenging conditions to manage, and a large fleet to boot. Well done.
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Re: 44th Liberty Bell Regatta

Postby greerdr » Tue Apr 05, 2016 6:46 pm

No "C" rigs ?
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Re: 44th Liberty Bell Regatta

Postby Rick West » Wed Apr 06, 2016 8:28 pm

Thanks David for another experience in a different little pond that is always fun. Thanks to Lisa with the hospitality in your home.

Hey Bob, 34 degrees and 25 knots is sitting in you car with the heater going an a bottle of Brandy.
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