Allegheny Mountain Regatta - Colonial Cup Event

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Allegheny Mountain Regatta - Colonial Cup Event

Postby DBrawner » Thu Feb 11, 2016 7:30 pm

I am thrilled to announce that the State College Model Yacht Club is hosting their first regatta in years on April 30th and May 1st as part of the Colonial Cup schedule. We have been wanting a fifth regatta in the region for many years and now we have it. Thanks guys for hosting.

For registration, please check out their website:

For the NOR, check out

Skipper's list:

It doesn't get much better than racing in the mountains in the spring time.
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Re: Allegheny Mountain Regatta - Colonial Cup Event

Postby DBrawner » Mon Apr 04, 2016 3:54 pm

A group of us will be staying at the Holiday Inn Express State College At Williamsburg Square. There are also a lot of additional options in this area.
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Re: Allegheny Mountain Regatta - Colonial Cup Event

Postby Dave_Branning » Tue Apr 05, 2016 11:49 am

Terrific to see that Jerry Franko has received a distance waver for his ankle bracelet and will be venturing out of New Jersey for the weekend.
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Re: Allegheny Mountain Regatta - Colonial Cup Event

Postby Fred Maurer » Wed Apr 06, 2016 10:03 am

This is a Google Earth picture of the sailing venue at Lake Perez. The wind is usually from the Southwest. That makes for a good windward-leeward course at the North East Venue. The cars can be unloaded and parked withing a few yards of the water's edge. We have plenty of room as you can see. Come sail with us. We will enjoy seeing you.
Lake Perez Sailing Venue.jpg
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Re: Allegheny Mountain Regatta - Colonial Cup Event

Postby DBrawner » Tue Apr 19, 2016 10:25 pm

The registration deadline is coming up quickly

Registration closes April 23rd.
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Re: Allegheny Mountain Regatta - Colonial Cup Event

Postby Capt. Flak » Tue Apr 19, 2016 11:46 pm

We are excited to have this regatta on the schedule. Come out and show your support.
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Re: Allegheny Mountain Regatta - Colonial Cup Event

Postby scottgraf » Fri Apr 29, 2016 8:01 am

Time for some Mongolian barbecue!!
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Re: Allegheny Mountain Regatta - Colonial Cup Event

Postby daramos » Sun May 01, 2016 10:26 pm

Really had a blast up in State Collage PA this weekend.
The weather was a little bit wet today but sailing was fantastic all weekend.
Thanks to Fred, RD Dave Brawner and the SCMYC crew for putting together a great regatta.
I look froward to traveling back up again soon.
1st Dave Ramos
2nd Jamie Betz
3rd Danny Thomas

Sorry I don't have all of the finishers and don't want to make a mistake and depend on my memory.

We saw the return of Dave Branning to the race course this weekend. Dave was back on the water sailing again and in the mix all weekend. Welcome back Dave good to have you back.
Roger Baldwin had a good regatta as well finishing up the weekend with a great final race finish of fourth place soundly beating yours truly. I pressed him the whole race and he did not waver once. Nice work Roger. More of that in the future. [8D]

Every one truly had a ball thanks
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Re: Allegheny Mountain Regatta - Colonial Cup Event

Postby DBrawner » Mon May 02, 2016 10:28 am

Simply put, it was a weekend well spent. It’s tough to complain about anything after spending a weekend with friends sailing toy boats in a majestic setting like Lake Perez. Fred Maurer and the State College Model Yacht Club, thank you for inviting us.

The decision was made on Friday to sail from their alternate location on the southwest side of the lake due to the breeze forecast from the northeast then moving from the southeast. Keep in mind that their alternate site is still one of the best places to sail in Region 2, it’s that beautiful.

There are a few story lines coming out of this regatta. The first will be the legend of Jerry Franko, who was sailing in his first EC12 regatta. Years from now, it will be “remembered” that to achieve his first ever regatta bullet, he sailed uphill both ways in 20 foot seas while out racing a group of pirates to the finish line and then had to retire due to exhaustion.

The reality is Jerry did pass Dave Ramos on the last downwind leg and then held off the fleet to the finish line in the last race on Saturday. So, the pirate portion may be true. However, even before the stern of number 77 had crossed the line, Jerry had turned into George Costanza and decided to leave on a high note. Plus, Jerry doesn’t sail in the rain, which was predicted for Sunday. Franko, Out…mic drop.

Fred DeSantis sailed like a guy parking his brand new Porsche in the mall parking lot at Christmas. He stayed well away from other boats. Once that beautiful boat gets a scratch or two, he’ll be moving up the leader board rapidly. Until then, don’t expect to see him barging at the start.

Dave Branning returned from the injured reserve list after multiple back surgeries. I am not so sure that Friday night birthday celebration in the saddle at Texas Roadhouse was prescribed for rehab, but what the heck you only live once. Give that boy a cowboy hat. He had a really good return holding in fourth at the end of Saturday.

David Hammett sailed a nice regatta with three bullets and a number of top five finishes. Ted Flack had a very steady day on Sunday, which included a beautiful horizon job in race 14, to move from 6th to 4th in the end. Scott Graf saved his best for race 17. Playing the left side off the start, he just moved away from the entire fleet winning the race by almost a full leg.

Nothing new with the top three, Dave Ramos won the event on Saturday with less than half the points of second place and was able to put it into cruise control on Sunday. Jamey Betz and Danny Thomas duked it out for second and third respectively with some great head to head sailing. Race 18 was an example with each passing the other on every leg. Thankfully for Danny, the race ended upwind.

In the last race of the regatta, Roger Baldwin beat three of the five trophy winners including outdueling Ramos to the line.
Fred Maurer is the leader of the band in State College. He has a great support group with Jim and Ellen Hermann, Dave Brenneman, Bud Wolfe, Harley Fisher and Fred’s wonderful wife Nancy. Thanks also go to Jim Flach for putting down his transmitter on Sunday to take pictures for the regatta.

Thanks to all the hard work by our hosts and all the cooperation of the fleet, this was quite enjoyable and the type of event that makes you want to come do it again. Time well spent, indeed.

1. David Ramos 33
2. Jamey Betz 49.8
3. Danny Thomas 53
4. Ted Flack 83
5. David Hammett 95
6. Dave Branning 100
7. Scott Graf 109
8. Harry Mote 128
9. Roger Baldwin 134
10. Jerry Franko 157 (Saturday only)
11. Jim Hermann 166
12. Jim Flach 170 (Saturday only)
13. Fred Desantis 172
14. Mark Fleckenstein 174
15. Ray Szulczewski 190
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Re: Allegheny Mountain Regatta - Colonial Cup Event

Postby DT1405 » Mon May 02, 2016 12:36 pm

Indeed,Couldn't have put it any better DB. What a great time at a great venue. I haven't heard that much laughing, hootin n hollerin at Regatta in along time. Congratulations to DR on a great win, you were on fire on Sat bro. For a minute I thought we needed to call the fire boat to dowse you and your boat, LOL. Well sailed. Thanks to Fred and his whole crew for inviting us back up to State College and putting on a top notch regatta. Was awesome to be back and great to have you back on the schedule this year. Good sailing to "ALL". Fun story lines for sure but the "Franco Out" was hilarious. Was fun to see his face light up after that win on the last race Sat. then show up Sun. for more laughs then drop the mic and say I'm out. Looking forward to next time.

Cheers, DT
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Re: Allegheny Mountain Regatta - Colonial Cup Event

Postby DBrawner » Mon May 02, 2016 8:32 pm

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Re: Allegheny Mountain Regatta - Colonial Cup Event

Postby rahway522 » Mon May 02, 2016 9:18 pm

Hey everybody especially DB, I enjoyed the regatta report almost as much as the regatta itself. I had a great time with all of you but sailed to my own peril with the Pirates. All kidding aside I had a great time and will be coming to more of them working on ankle bracelet waivers as I write this. Thanks to all for tolerating my barging at the starts I won't do that anymore, and I won't knock Branning down anymore mind you this is not an admission of guilt and I tried to help him but I was in third place at the time I am sure you all understand. Again I thank you all for your support and comradirie
See you all at the lake
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Re: Allegheny Mountain Regatta - Colonial Cup Event

Postby jbetz » Mon May 02, 2016 10:14 pm

Thank you to Fred and the staff of State College Model Yacht Club. What a fun weekend and a well run regatta. As usual DB did a great job. Thanks. Can't imagine a more beautiful sailing venue. Hope we get invited again. Thing that makes it the best though is the great spirit of the competitors. Fierce competition yet I find it hard to concentrate at times while laughing so hard. Maybe that was my Saturday starting line problem... Thanks to everyone for a FUN weekend. Can't wait to do it again.

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Re: Allegheny Mountain Regatta - Colonial Cup Event

Postby odj22sailor » Wed May 04, 2016 4:23 pm

I would like to chime in as well and give a BIG Thank you to Fred and all of the others at State College Model Yacht Club that made this regatta happen. For Dave Brawner thank you as well, have you ever thought about being a Professional (PRO) Principle Race Officer for Big Boat racing? There are a lot of events that could you your abilities.....Finally I would like to give my congrats to the winners, and to my fellow skippers that was the best racing I have had since I bought my EC12, a bit frustrating at times, but all in all the racing was awesome.

I am really excited to be part of this group and really looking forward to the Spring Lake event in New Jersey this month.

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