Tilghman Trifecta Sept 9-12

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Tilghman Trifecta Sept 9-12

Postby Dave_Branning » Mon Jul 27, 2015 1:30 pm

Ahoy Skippers

The following is to remind all of the five day, three event Tilghman Trifecta from September 9 - 13 for RC Lasers, EC12s and Star 45s.

#10. September is the beginning of Oyster season. None better.

#9. The Tilghman On Chesapeake community has docks if you come by boat and the swimming pool and locker rooms are available for all guests.

#8. There will be 5 prizes for each event with skipper gifts added for your efforts. We have spared no expense. You will have a great time.

#7. The Star 45 NCR has the following pre-registered skippers:
Jim Linville
Herb Dreher
Dave Littleton
Bob Shluger
Roger Baldwin
Mary Goebel
Fred Goebel
Rick Ferguson
David Ramos
Alex Ramos
Dave Branning
Frank Vella....yes, Frank Vella, Soling grande poo bah will be here!
Where is the region 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 gang?...let's go guys...deadline is August 30.

#8. A suggestion is to rent a house. There are a few good deals that are better than a motel located in Tilghman and St Mikes:Tilghman House Rentals
or here: St Michaels House Rentals

#7. But wait, the St. Michaels Inn (formerly the Best Western) has a $99.99 regatta rate if you mention the Tilghman Trifecta or Dave Branning for those dates.

#6. The EC12 portion of the Trifecta is on a Thursday and Friday...Sept 10-11. It is the third leg for the Colonial Cup. So it's during the week, I know. With some advance warning you can ask for a couple of days off and enjoy the traffic free drive. Deadline is August 30. So far Roger Baldwin, Rick Ferguson, David Ramos, Dave Branning and Harry Mote are registered. Really!

#5. Gerry Cobley is the PRO for the Star 45 NCR. He's experienced and has a sharp eye on the line. We are lucky to have him. He will be surrounded by a crack team of drop dead gorgeous assistants to be named later. Screening is taking place as we speak.

#4. Rick Ferguson is the PRO for the EC12 Regatta. It's a formidable task since he's also registered for the event as a skipper. This will certainly be worked out in due course.

#3. Socially we will have a couple of group organized no host dinners and some free nights to explore the terrific Eastern Shore delights.

#2. We are sailing these three classes because the Regatta Chmn is in the witness protection program and is not allowed off the island.

#1. The NOR is on the AMYA calendar for EC12's and the Star 45. To register for the RC Laser event send an EMail to laserdave93@yahoo.com and tell him you are coming. There is a 30 boat maximum for the RC Laser one day event.
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Re: Tilghman Trifecta Sept 9-12

Postby bigfoot55 » Wed Aug 12, 2015 9:12 am

bump requested

This regatta is less than a month away! Be kind to the host and get your entry in so they can plan.

Tom Phillips
St Augustine, FL
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Re: Tilghman Trifecta Sept 9-13

Postby Dave_Branning » Wed Aug 12, 2015 10:56 am

As Tom Phillips has noted above, the EC12 portion of the Tilghman Trifecta (Thurs-Fri, Sept 10-11) has a few registrations but we are missing a host of guys from the Marbleheaders of Spring Lake, Mid Atlantic Model YC and the Maryland Model Yacht Club, Marsh Creek and Virginia and North Carolina. At this time I will not call you out with a spotlight on individuals....but you know who you are.

As of 9/8 Here's the the skipper list: I will update when more register.

skipper city state
Dave Branning Tilghman MD
Dave Brawner Mt Laurel NJ
Dave Ramos Stevensville MD
Danny Thomas Highland, MD
Chris Bock Bridgeville, DE
Frank Vella Ortonville MI
Gerry Cobley Cary NC
Harry Mote Barnegat NJ
Ray Szulczewski Cape May NJ
Roger Baldwin Easton MD
Skip Hall Neptune NJ
Victor Oberg Westmont NJ
Jim Flach Pottstown, PA
Scott Graf, Annapolis, MD
Doug Hutchinson, Ellicott City, MD
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Re: Tilghman Trifecta Sept 9-12

Postby Dave_Branning » Thu Aug 27, 2015 11:14 am

Guys: The EC12 portion of the Tilghman Trifecta just added two new skippers to the registration list. See above post. Pretty great group of skippers for a during the week regatta. There's room for more as we have 15 boats as of 9/8 with a week to go. We are still at Fleet Racing numbers so let's see some more registration action. [8D] [8D]
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Re: Tilghman Trifecta Sept 9-12

Postby Dave_Branning » Tue Sep 08, 2015 8:56 am

With one day to go the Tilghman Trifecta, three regattas over five days, is ready for skipper arrival. We open with 20 boats slated for the RC Laser Wednesday event, followed by a Colonial Cup EC12 two day regatta with 15 boats. The finale is the STAR 45 NCR on the weekend with 17 captains anxious to get it on. Danny Thomas has offered to PRO the RC Laser portion, while Rick Ferguson and Gerry Cobley from Region 3 are the PROs for the EC12 and Star 45 NCR respectively. Dave Brawner has offered to stay for part of the weekend to help with the STAR 45 NCR.
Now we pray for wind and fair skies. :? :?

Who's Coming To The Tilghman Trifecta
RC Laser Regatta Sept 9th
sail # skipper city state

1 08 Don Barker Chestertown MD
2 09 Bob Roe Easton MD
3 17 Rick Ferguson Raleigh NC
4 21 Victor Oberg Westmont NJ
5 25 Jim Flach Pottstown PA
6 33 John Tochko Oxford MD
7 40 Ivor Walton Garnett Valley PA
8 41 Jim Karr Easton MD
9 42 Roger Vaughan Oxford MD
10 45 Claude Maechling Oxford MD
11 53 Dave Brawner Mt Laurel NJ
12 55 Skip Hall Neptune NJ
13 71 Skip Lippincott Delran NJ
14 82 Gerry Cobley Cary NC
15 93 Dave Branning Tilghman MD
16 95 Steve Lippincott St. Petersburg FL
17 99 Roger Baldwin Easton MD
18 115 Tom Lippincott Rock Hall MD
19 121 Frank Vella Ortonville MI
20 155 Mike Campbell Clementon NJ

PRO: Danny Thomas

EC12 Regatta Sept 10-11
sail # skipper city state

1 5 Dave Ramos Stevensville MD
2 21 Ray Szulczewski Cape May NJ
3 21 Victor Oberg Westmont NJ
4 21 Doug Hutchinson Ellicott City MD
5 25 Gerry Cobley Cary NC
6 53 Dave Brawner Mt Laurel NJ
7 74 Scott Graf Annapolis MD
8 82 Frank Vella Ortonville MI
9 93 Dave Branning Tilghman MD
10 99 Roger Baldwin Easton MD
11 100 Harry Mote Barnegat NJ
12 1384 Skip Hall Neptune NJ
13 1405 Danny Thomas Highland MD
14 1549 Chris Bock Bridgeville DE
15 2092 Jim Flach Pottstown PA

Pro Rick Ferguson
STAR 45 Nat'l Champ. Sept 12-13
sail # skipper city state

1 104 Roger Baldwin Easton MD
2 128 Ryan Lippincott Riverton NJ
3 171 Mary Goebel Newtown CT
4 225 Don Barker Chestertown MD
5 238 Alex Ramos Stevensville MD
6 253 Skip Hall Neptune NJ
7 441 Dave Branning Tilghman MD
8 575 John Emery Dayton OH
9 811 Jim Linville Hull MA
10 812 Frank Vella Ortonville MI
11 827 Bob Shluger Glastonbury CT
12 829 Dave Ramos Stevensville MD
13 834 Herb Dreher Natic MA
14 877 Fred Goebel Newtown CT
15 916 Dave Littleton Riva MD
16 917 Tom Lucke Winter Haven FL
17 6017Roger Vaughan Oxford MD

PRO: Gerry Cobley ; Dave Brawner assisting
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Re: Tilghman Trifecta Sept 9-12

Postby Dave_Branning » Thu Sep 10, 2015 6:02 pm

The Tilghman Trifecta, DAY 2, featured the EC12 Regatta's first day. The hot sun from yesterday's RC Laser regatta stayed behind a cloud much of the day but the humidity made it just as uncomfortable. We got in 9 races before the thunder storms chased us and we are using one throwout per day so the scores are net for the regatta, with one day to go tomorrow. Breaking early today meant we bolted to the ice cream parlor as a warm up to the lobster dinner on tap tonight. Chuck...we miss you. Lobsters!!

EC12 Standings after Day One:
Danny Thomas 19 pt; 3 firsts
Dave Ramos 21 pt; three firsts
David Brawner 21 pt; two firsts
Harry Mote 24 pt
Gerry Cobley 39 pt
Scot Graf 50 pt
Jim Flach 66 pt; one first
David Branning 71 pt
D. Hutchinson 72 pt
Victor Oberg 75 pt
Frank Vella 77 pt
Roger Baldwin 80 pt
Cape May Ray 81 pt
Skip Hall 88 pt
Chris Bock 103 pt

Yesterday was the RC Laser portion of the Tilghman Trifecta and Dave Brawner dusted us handily with 13 points for 8 races. We had 23 boats show up on a Wednesday one day regatta. Fantastic turnout and the weather was 95 degrees but we had good wind, building the whole day to a C sail late in the day. Second was Oxford, MD stalwart, Roger Vaughan, and third was his fleetmate, Dave Branning, Raleigh's Rick Ferguson was fourth and with his Triangle MYC fleetmate, Gerry Cobley, fifth. In the silver fleet, Roger Baldwin showed the way with a 2,1,2 afternoon. Great Job, Roger. Second was Bob Roe and third was Harry Mote. Cape May Ray Szulczewski finished fourth followed by Victor Oberg.
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Re: Tilghman Trifecta Sept 9-12

Postby Dave_Branning » Fri Sep 11, 2015 6:46 pm

Whew...what a terrific two days of racing. Today we ordered bright sun; temps in the 70''s moving to low 80's; winds out of the opposite direction for B sails in the morning and A sails after lunch. Perfect! PRO, Rick Ferguson did a fantastic job of managing the two days with 20 two lap races in perfect EC12 conditions. Today he was assisted by Tom Lucke and John Tochko with Linda Vella and Elaine Hepkin helping lay out wonderful lunches for the regatta.
The order of excellence did not change at the top as Danny Thomas added three more firsts plus some 2's,3's and 4's to win the Chesapeake Cup by five points. Dave Ramos nosed out Dave Brawner for 2nd, with Harry Mote and Gerry Cobley rounding out the top five. Those places plus Scott Graf, in sixth, were the same order as yesterday. Jim Flach gave up a race today to take pictures and had six top five finishes today for the 11 races sailed. He's coming on strong in this class.
So after 20 races and a throw out each day here are the results. Pictures will follow in a few days.

Danny Thomas, 46
Dave Ramos, 51
Dave Brawner, 52
Harry Mote, 73
Gerry Cobley, 94
Scott Graf, 111
Dave Branning, 119
Jim Flach, 123
Doug Hutchinson, 175
Frank Vella, 176
Victor Oberg, 127
Roger Baldwin, 185
Cape May Ray, 196
Chris Bock, 205
Skip Hall, 205

Off to the Baldwin Compound for some barbeque. The Star 45 NCR starts tomorrow. Stay tuned.
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Re: Tilghman Trifecta Sept 9-12

Postby Dave_Branning » Sun Sep 13, 2015 8:35 pm

Our famed photographer, Jim Flach, teamed with his dad, Dick (while Jim sailed a bit), to create three photo album links for four days of sailing at the 2015 Tilghman Trifecta. You will certainly enjoy these great shots of the boats, the people, the venue and the fun we shared. There are shots of the vast Choptank River that was our racing waters; the Tilghman On Chesapeake YC, where we escaped the heat for an air conditioned lunch. Some folks took advantage of the pool. We shared some beers in "Elaine's kitchen" and some Tred Avon Sunsets at Roger Baldwin's house. Five days with great friends. Congrats to the winners: Dave Brawner in the RC Lasers; Danny Thomas in the EC12's and Ryan Lippincott in the Star 45 NCR. Enjoy the pics and big thanks to Jim and Dick Flach.



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Re: Tilghman Trifecta Sept 9-12

Postby DBrawner » Mon Sep 14, 2015 4:01 pm

Thanks for another great and exhausting week of adult summer camp!! The venue really provided for some great racing. There is nothing like a tacking duel in and out of the rip rap with large swells, a strong breeze while Danny Thomas, Harry Mote and Dave Ramos are coming after you from all directions.

ps: Thanks Elaine!!!
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