Gatorade (or POWERade by Coca Cola)

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Gatorade (or POWERade by Coca Cola)

Postby jrflorida » Thu Oct 14, 2004 6:36 pm

For many of us, the hot spring and summer races are really taxing. I raced at Charleston this year, my first time, and was wiped out. The races are long, and in retrospect, I think many of us became dehydrated. I recently had a physical and told my doctor about my leg cramps and that some of the other sailors were feeling sick and that I thought about dehydration and started trying to drink as much water as possible. He said that dehydration was probably the culprit and that water was not the entire solution. He suggested that we try Gatorade, because it replaces some of the vital elements lost in sweat, and there was a lot of sweat at the pond in Charleston that day.

I suggested that we might try Gatorade to Reichard, and his reply was: “Good idea! We moved our Regatta to the middle of November where it will most likely stay from now on. Plenty of water will do the trick then.â€
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Postby Larry Ludwig » Fri Oct 15, 2004 3:14 am

You can never get enough water, and Gatorjuice is a good choice. Might be a little rough on those counting carbs... yoink...[:o)]

Good for you for paying attention to such needs. We are lucky enough to have a water jug in the club house each week, and it gets drained every Sunday... can't get enough.
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