Chicago Race Week and the EC12 NCR

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Re: Chicago Race Week and the EC12 NCR

Postby jbetz » Thu Sep 25, 2014 6:57 am

I guess I will wear a wet suit for the next couple of regatta's! Going to be tough trying to concentrate on a race while constantly looking over my shoulder.

Reaally hope it's not at the FYBOR. That would requier a dry suit and I don't have one. (Guess I best start shopping)

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Re: Chicago Race Week and the EC12 NCR

Postby Chuck Luscomb » Thu Sep 25, 2014 10:47 am

Hi Jamey,

First, congratulations on your victory Jamey! To pull off a win in the crowd you were sailing with is quite a feat. There is not a single slacker in the lot and one tiny little mistake in this group will have you at the back of the fleet in a blink of an eye. Well done my friend.

Second, Sorry I was not there to see it.

Third, Hats off to you DB for making it one to remember.

Fourth, Jamey, I have been asked for my assistance in administering the correct NCR Champion Dunking and I am not at liberty to say when it might happen.

Fifth, Did I hear correctly that DR and JB were neck and neck when JB got tangled and DR held up and waited for him to catch up? Whats the altitude up there in Chicago?
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