Villages Gator Regatta RCR R3b Oct 26/7

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Re: Villages Gator Regatta RCR R3b Oct 26/7

Postby Rick West » Sun Oct 27, 2013 10:54 pm

Yep, the FLA folks do well, as always, but the Atlanta group is rising fast and exciting to watch. They should have their due.

This is good for Regions 7 and 3. It is so gratifying to me that this has finally melded after all these years of class recognition and classification for FLA 7 as R3B. I had to be and did.

Hopefully all will be at High Point. There will be a tale to tell.
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Re: Villages Gator Regatta RCR R3b Oct 26/7

Postby dplin2001 » Mon Oct 28, 2013 9:55 am

Thanks again to Alan and Liz for the Friday night party, thank you Judy for the ice cream and putting party too. Thanks to all the villages support crew that help put on this wonderful regatta. I had a great time and an honored that my first regatta win was this event. Can't wait to see everyone again at the NATS
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Re: Villages Gator Regatta RCR R3b Oct 26/7

Postby bigfoot55 » Mon Oct 28, 2013 11:55 am

Becky gets a bullet and a clothspin, The girls are in A fleet!
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Re: Villages Gator Regatta RCR R3b Oct 26/7

Postby alanperkins » Mon Oct 28, 2013 5:58 pm

Another Regatta over, that was hard work, think I must have walked about 15 miles each day (it felt like it) but it was great fun with a wonderful set of helpers and a fantastic bunch of Skippers who in the main behaved themselves
A full report will be posted via Tom Phillips once I've finished it but a quick preview:-
Dave Linville's first regatta victory, well done Dave. Just shows you not to give up, Dave started with a 9th and an 8th putting him well down the fleet. Then he got in the groove taking 6 bullets out of the next 9 races something even Baron could not match. Jon Luscomb ran into Servo problems in the 6th race spoiling what was working towards another good regatta for him. All the results are shown above.
Info not shown in the results are that only Jack Ward in the top 6 had a trip into the B fleet in the 12th race but he bounced back to finish the regatta with a bullet.
The Bubble Boy & Girl results.
1st Ken Williams with 10 bubbles
2nd Brenda Pardee with 9 bubbles
Joint 3rd were John Bottenshak and Fran DiTommaso with 8 bubbles
Joint 5th were Frankie Novak and John Santoro with 7 bubbles
Note to future RD's,
1, Worth keeping track of the bubble as these guys and gals need water and potty breaks.
2, Dropping 1 in 6 races helps with trying to add quality instead of quantity of races.
3, The 4:00 Finish on Sat is tooo late. Watch the competitors and if they are getting frosty close down early. We are here to race but also to have fun and enjoy ourselves.
See many of you up in NC in Nov if not then in Punta Gorda in December
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Re: Villages Gator Regatta RCR R3b Oct 26/7

Postby greerdr » Mon Oct 28, 2013 6:59 pm

Thanks again for a wonderful regatta by You, Liz and your crew.The ice cream social was very nice;thank you Judith!
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Re: Villages Gator Regatta RCR R3b Oct 26/7

Postby Jon Luscomb » Tue Oct 29, 2013 8:50 am

I also would like to THANK the Villages club for hosting a great event. They thought of everything from the home baked goods, providing accomodations to the sailors and the green astro turf entries to the launching docks. The weather was glorious and Alan did a great job as RD. Sorry to have missed the Friday night gala word has it that Liz put it on!

Thanks to all who threw servos at me and came to my rescue to help keep me in the game. My father in law was very imporessed at the sportsmanship dispplayed to a fellow competitor when in need, and when the heat was over, everyone sat down and had fun! That is after all why we go to these.

Congrats to Dave. The man was so hot I was joking about the possibility of witnessing a spontaneous combustion. He deserved this! Way to go.

See you in Punta Gorda and good luck to everyone at the NATs
Jon Luscomb
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