EC-12 Comes to Redds Pond Marblehead

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EC-12 Comes to Redds Pond Marblehead

Postby breakwater » Mon Jun 18, 2012 7:32 pm

Hi EC-12ers.
I wanted to take a moment to extend an open invitation for you to join us at Redds Pond in Marblehead.

If anyone would like to join us for some regular club racing while we get the wheels turning in this fleet, don't hesitate to visit our racing schedule at:

We are new to this class, but recognize it as one of the best.

Cut & Paste of part-of an email sent to our club to start our EC-12 engines:

This Coming Saturday is our second EC-12 Race of the season at Redds.
I would like to extend an open invitation to anyone who would like to get "hands on" with an EC-12. While we will be match racing, I offer my transmitter to anyone from the club before, or after our matches to sail my boat, and get a feel.
Additionally, I will bring a second hull I have, and leave it in the grass for anyone's inspection. I intend on putting the electronics into the boat soon and offering it to our club as a "loaner" to spark interest.

(Also, Current EC-12'ers... this is your notice of race!)

The first race was held a-while-ago April 28th. The results were as follows.
A few competitors came from neighboring clubs, fostering what I hope to become an active inter-club EC-12 relationship. A point of special interest is that Rick Laird has recently upgraded his craft (Purchasing a Hickman), and should prove to be a great competitor in this fleet.
First place finishes are unknown, but results were as follows:
(1) Cliff Martin - Needham 15PTS
(2) John Skerry 19PTS
(3) Jim Linville- Needham 23PTS
(4) Eddie Wolfe 30PTS
(5) Biff Martin 33PTS
(6) Rick Laird 50PTS

The winner of the inaugural season of EC-12 racing at Redds will receive a donated hand-painted Rudder that was broken from one of my boats. My father, who has expressed plenty of interest in my boats, extatically took the rudder, and painted this trophy for us without even asking. Now that's a trophy with some character!

Hope to see some of you at Redds this summer, and look foward to becoming an active club in the future!
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