Green Mountain Regatta Entries

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Green Mountain Regatta Entries

Postby cberry » Fri May 11, 2012 3:42 pm

Ahoy -- Here's a list of Registrations and Verbal Commitments to the Green Mountain Regatta as of MAY 15. Looks like a strong showing - like running the 2010 NCR's, but on "the small pond"! We're getting ready for a fun weekend. I'll update this post as I receive more info -
-- Charlie Berry

1. Stone, Tim VT
2. Goddard, Jim Nova Scotia
3. Boutiller, Bob Nova Scotia
4. Barker, Don MD
5. Brawner, Dave NJ

6. Hill, Rob IL
7. Ward, Jack FL
8. Mueller, Gary WI
9. Branning, Dave MD
10. Amsbary, Doug NH

11. Nourjian, Bruce VT
12. Tonks, Phil VT
13. Townsend, George VT
14. Fixx, Paul VT
15. Skerry, John MA

16. Luscomb, Chuck CT
17. Baldwin, Jack CT
18. Dion, Al CT
19. Walton, Bruce CT
20. Pelly, Jon CT

21. Greer, Bob FL
22. Wolf, Eddie MA
23. Shaw, Ken VT
24. Mortgu, Nick NJ
25. Oberg, Victor NJ
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