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Morgan-Black International

PostPosted: Wed Dec 14, 2011 2:13 pm
by Rick West
The third event of the EC12 international regatta is set for Australia in February 2013. The event will be just north of Brisbane on the Sunshine Coast over about six days with three racing. The NOR will be out the first of the year.

The area is about 600 airline miles from Sidney with direct service. Brisbane is an international destination with an airport accordingly. The USA and NZL have committed with the UK likely to follow. Canada, Sweden and France and Germany have the EC12 but in small numbers.

I will be promoting the event through international contacts. Presently it appears three are interested in the USA and 7 in NZL. Of course AUS will have a lot more. Peter Morris will be the organizer for the AUS. He represented AUS at the 2nd event in Charleston in 2009.

Please contact me for questions and information.

...94 [8D]