2011 Thunder Mug

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2011 Thunder Mug

Postby Chuck Luscomb » Sun Sep 25, 2011 10:30 am

October 15th and 16th is fast approaching for this years final event on the New England Cup Circuit. Al Dion is leading the series at the moment with an excellent showing at each event so far.

Venuitis pond in Killingworth is one of our favorite spots with stadium type visiblity and a number of course options. It is a great fall event and a excellent conclusion to the sailing season here in New England. Fall foliage and crisper temperatures may lull you into a sense of peace but don't forget your B rigs. We have had more than our share of big air at this event.

Tentative Skippers list as of 10/4

Al Dion confirmed
Kevin MacLellan confirmed
Tim Stone Confirmed
Jake Leo
Brian Jobson
Bruce Walton Confirmed
Chuck Poindexter
Jack Baldwin Confirmed
Ken Keohler Confirmed
Chuck Luscomb Confirmed
Bill Dempsey Confirmed
Bob Greer

NOR and entry is posted on the regatta page.

See you there.


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Postby PaulP » Mon Sep 26, 2011 8:28 pm

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Postby Chuck Luscomb » Sat Oct 15, 2011 10:22 pm

Day 1 of the Thundermug had winds in excess of 25kts at times with lulls in the high teens. It was full on survival mode for most and as the day wore on, the breeze simply got stronger. C rigs were the order of the day but alas, no one had one. Bent rigs, holed decks and burned out servos kept the fleet busy. Most Skippers spent their 5 minuet holds before lunch.

With the all the mayhem, the cream still rose to the top. Bruce Walton, sailing 633 which as you know is a 30 year old Reynolds hull, won the day by posting consistent bullets while the rest of the fleet suffered.

After 9 races and one throw out, the current standings look like this...

Bruce Walton 10pts
Al Dion 19pts
Chuck Luscomb 22.25pts(redress)
Tim Stone 36pts
Ken Koehler 40pts
Bill Dempsey 42pts
Kevin MacLellan DNC
Jack Baldwin DNC

Forcast for Sunday is more of the same...

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Postby Chuck Luscomb » Sun Oct 16, 2011 11:35 pm

Day 2 of the Thundermug...

All 6 boats returned to day 2 after a long night of repair work. Not much went without damage including a broken radio board.

The breeze was up again as things got rolling and most returned to their B rigs. Bruce Walton resumed his domination with four bullets in a row while Dion and Luscomb duked it out for 2nd. The balance of the fleet fought for what remained.

I had an opportunity to sail an older design similar to what Bruce Walton is sailing and I have a whole new respect for him and what it takes to keep one of these narrow keel boats upright in a blow let alone win race after race. Amazing.

After completing 21 races in a moderating breeze, the final scores with 3 throw outs looked like this.

1 Bruce Walton 24pts
2 Chuck Luscomb 35.25pts
3 Al Dion 44pts
4 Tim Stone 76pts
5 Ken Koehler 91pts
6 Bill Dempsey 92pts

With his third place finish, Al Dion was able to retain his lead in the New England Cup standings...

Congradulations to Bruce and Al for and excellent regatta and season.

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