Liberty Bell

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Liberty Bell

Postby Rick West » Fri Apr 15, 2011 11:07 pm

There has been no mention of this 39th annual event so I hope not to offend anyone for doing so.

Entries are:
Danny Thomas
Ernest Freeland
Dave Ramos
Don Barker
Bill Ewing
Victor Oberg
Mark Fleckenstein
Jarl Wathne
Doug Wotring
Harry Mote
James Earle
Nick Mortgu
Rick West
Ivor Walton

The weather will be lovely in the mid 50's with wind out of the southeast gusting to 15-20 mph and rain. You cannot find ear muffs anywhere in Mount Laurel. I can't wait for Sunday if released from frost bite care.

This is Brawner Country and socials are continuous through state auto safety inspections, oil changes and regatta item shopping. There has been two evening dinner gatherings and the regatta has not started yet. The survivors may show in the morning for the start at 0930...Ugh. Stay tuned...

...94 [8D]
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Rick West
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Postby Rick West » Sat Apr 16, 2011 4:56 pm

Oh yes, it was April in New Jersey. At 0800 this morning the breeze was out of ESE to SE 7 to 10 with a wind chill of 39 degrees. Gusts were higher which made set up challenging. It was B Rigs all around and all had them. Yes, the boys came prepared for little old Laurel Acres. Two years in a row for a blow.

We were off the line by 1000, all dressed like on Has Mat duty, and watching the sky darken to the southeast. The rain came at noon building to a steady downpour by 1400. That was enough and for insult turned to moderate while we broke down for the day. Yep, we were wet and beat it to the hotel with heater on for the drive at full bore.
Race Director Brawner set up a full Olympic course with an offset wing mark to the northeast for the second leg only, then round a leeward and up to windward, back down direct to the leeward mark and up again for the finish; 2-1/2 laps with a lot of gybing and tacking. Nice. This course has been planned for the November NCR at Charleston off both shores.

I do not know the leader, as we left rapidly, but Bill Ewing was doing well alone with Jarl Wathne, Dave Ramos and Danny Thomas. Dinner tonight at Brawners. It was fun today and all were tolerant and cheery about conditions. The wind was fine. The chill and wet, well

...94 [8D]
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Rick West
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Postby Rick West » Sun Apr 17, 2011 5:55 pm

Saturday night at the Brawners was a super social with a catered dinner. The entry was through the shop. It was standing room only and more boats to be fixed that there were tables. Mark Fleckenstein brought apple vodka and the required chasers upon entry got things started. There was restringing, servos and wet receivers changed, one broken jib boom spliced and rigs retuned with new lines and wires. Yep, it was triage treatment and then surgery. Then lying around in the living area chatting till our eye lids started to drop. Nice affair with nice people.

Sunday dawned clear and that thing called the Sun was out there. By 0900 it was up to 10 mph with gusts. By 1130 we had enough races for three throws and boy did we need them. Wind was pushing 16 with gust well above that. Downwind control was iffy even by the best helmsmen. Going to the pizza parlor was more alluring which, more than half the fleet did.

It was a battle at the top with serious boat handling demonstrated. Sunday the course was short due to a 180 degree shift over night when the rain passed. However, getting to windward was not as swift as you would think, as 30 degree shifts were common and a few 60s blew your mind and plans. The last two races was border line control in the leeward part of the course, heavy hits and some frayed nerves. But for that it was a quiet regatta on the water and a pleasure to participate. It was fun but hard work on the water and in the dock with repairsconstantly. It was the gustmy oh my.

Scoring: 17 races1.
1. Jarl Wathne 36
2. Bill Ewing 43
3. Dave Ramos 43
4. Danny Thomas 68
5. Rick West 68
6. Ivor Walton 86
7. Harry Mote 87
8. Don Barker 91
9. Mark Fleckenstein 138
10. Doug Wotring 142
11. Joe Cole 143
12. Ernie Freeland 149
13. Nick Mortgu 170
14. Dave Branning 192
15. Victor Oberg with drew on Sunday

...94 [8D]
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Rick West
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Postby bigfoot55 » Sun Apr 17, 2011 7:43 pm

Gee I am sorry to miss it. today in Jacksonville- t shirts and shorts, blue sky, 72 degrees and SE sea breeze 4-8 at 1400. Rick sent link to photos.

photos at:
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Postby deafsail » Sun Apr 17, 2011 7:53 pm

Cong!!!!!!!!!! DR.88

Baron Bremer
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Postby dr j » Mon Apr 18, 2011 6:48 pm

Thanks Baron. It was good to get the red boat wet again after so long sitting on the shelf. But it was even better to see old friends again. Great hospitality from the MidAtlantic group! Thanks guys!

Jarl Wathne
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dr j
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