Nor'Easter Regatta Newport RI

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Nor'Easter Regatta Newport RI

Postby Chuck Luscomb » Sat Apr 02, 2011 8:51 pm

As Rick indicated in the EC12 News, Spring is in the air even in New England! Well, I for one am ready for some warmer temps.

Newport is fast approaching and now is the time to download an entry form and join us for what is considered by some the best sailing venue in New England. Newport Harbor is the playing field and since we have been hosting this event, Newport has not disapointed us and New England weather is always a grab bag to add to the fun.

If you are ready to take your sailing to the next level, Newport is the place for you. So come join us Saturday April 30th and Sunday May 1st for an event you will not soon forget.

Chuck Luscomb
Regatta Chair
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Chuck Luscomb
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Postby Chuck Luscomb » Wed Apr 13, 2011 10:49 am

Entry forms are rolling in and here is the skippers list as of 4/18.

Dave Ramos MD
Jack Baldwin CT
Kevin MacLellan CT
John Skerry MA
Al Dion CT
Jake Leo CT
Tim Stone VT
Chuck Luscomb CT

If you are coming, now is the time to download the entry from from the regatta page and send it in. If you are still not sure...check out these photos of last years event. Once there, click "latest" and then scroll right until you get to the 2010 Nor'Easter. There were no pictures taken at the VFW on Saturday night at the request of those who attended. What happens at the VFW stays at the VFW I think was the chant.

See you in Newport!

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Chuck Luscomb
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Postby Jon Luscomb » Sun May 01, 2011 6:10 pm

C. Luscomb

I would rather wonder why I won than to know exaclty why I lost.
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Jon Luscomb
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Postby Chuck Luscomb » Mon May 02, 2011 7:28 am

Wow, now that was fun...

Newport harbor continues to deliver some of the best sailing I have ever encountered. Saturday was the full gambit from 15-18kts when we arrived but it slowly died to zero by early afternoon. After 16 races, the top three were Ramos, Leo and Luscomb.

Sunday was the Crown Royal of EC 12 sailing. A steady 15-18kts from the NNE all day with a few shifts. We had a 100 boat full size Laser regatta to our North and a 30 boat 420 regatta to our South along with a few Moths zipping around at well over 30kts. Oh yeah, and we had current and waves, lots of waves. Did I mention waves? On more than one downwind run, we had boats surfing at speeds you will never see on a pond. The breeze was just perfect for this. Enough to keep you surfing and not so much to have you round up and spoil the fun.

John Skerry who recently joined the EC12 Fraternity join us for this event. He came up to me at the conclusion of racing on Sunday and thanked me for hosting and said he would be "smiling for a week" he had so much fun!

There will be a full regatta report out shortly but the finishes looked like this...


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Chuck Luscomb
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Postby Rick West » Mon May 02, 2011 12:11 pm

Thanks, Chuck. I share John Skerry's statement. It is a great location for open water sailing; the real sailing where the helmsman needs to think about where to tack in the seas. It surprises me so few come.

...94 [8D]
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Rick West
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Postby Tim » Mon May 02, 2011 3:40 pm

Chuck, As always you are a great host and the race committee did a great job. Thank you again for a great regatta. This weekend was terrific. Like you stated, one couldn't have asked for better sailing conditions. We saw it all from drifting to just maintaining control of your boat. Watching your own EC12 Surfing down thoses waves at almost unbeilivable speeds was jaw dropping! Reballasting my boat made a huge impact as far as my own sailing is concerned and am looking forward to the next regatta.

Tim Stone [:D]
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Postby daramos » Mon May 02, 2011 5:02 pm

What a BLAST!!!
Newport always delivers and this year was no different.
Sat was mid to heavy A Rig, throw current into the mix and you have some great sailing.
Sunday was some of the greatest sailing I have had in quite a while. The high winds, B Rigs and chop combined with the occasional roller had these 12's flying down wind. When was the last time you saw an EC12 surf down a wave under full control and close on a leading boat that used to be five boat lengths ahead 3 sec. ago?
This is the only location I can think of that we get these conditions of wind, waves, current and high vantage point and not be thinking of yanking the boat out of the water and running for the car to calming the nerves with Rum.

As Sunday went on all the skippers really started to get the hang of sailing in that washing machine, powering the boats up and getting off the line clean to do battle up the first leg.
When you take a look up the course and see full size lasers flip and do death rolls you know life is about to become more interesting.

Thank you to Chuck, Jake, Ken and everyone that helped put this regatta together and run it. Dinner Sat night was great and thankfully we skipped the VFW this year. It would not have been the same with out Doc Greer and his family.
Welcome to John Skerry that blew me away when I found out he was sailing the EC12 for the first time. Well done!!! Fantastic job. It was a pleasure sailing EC12's with you.

For those that have never been to Newport give it try you will remember it thats for sure.


David Ramos
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