April 30 one day regatta (PA)

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April 30 one day regatta (PA)

Postby Doug Wotring » Thu Feb 24, 2011 2:57 pm

Location: Chambersburg, PA

For more information, NOR, SI etc.

Please contact:

Mike Cavanaugh
Doug Wotring
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Postby Doug Wotring » Mon Mar 28, 2011 2:41 pm

NOR, SI and Entry form can be found here

http://sites.google.com/site/statecolle ... g-schedule
Doug Wotring
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Postby Doug Wotring » Tue May 03, 2011 1:39 am

Top 3

Doug wotring
Fred Maurer
Mark Fleckenstein
Doug Wotring
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Postby Doug Wotring » Tue May 03, 2011 6:43 pm

results and report
By Mike Cavanaugh RD

We were blessed with a beautiful day: in the low 40s at sunrise, but by the start of the first race it had gotten to nearly 60 and was nearly 70 by the time we were passing out the awards. Light winds prevailed, in the 1 to 4 mph range most of the time; the occasional 11 mph gust made things exciting in such close quarters. The sun was in and out prior to lunch, and abundant thereafter. The ornamental cherry trees and crab apple trees were in full bloom. A lone Canada goose making an approach on the lake just prior to the start of the first race pulled out with a few choice comments when he caught sight of the sailboats below; while the song birds filled the air with their chirps and calls -- not deterred in the least by the crowds of visitors who came to watch throughout the day. This was an "event" for Chambersburg, the first sailboat race in a town where many are much more familiar with what NASCAR means than what the term 'Regatta' refers to.

The fleet was limited to 10 boats, two were "regatta first timers" competing for their own 1st place plaque. The idea was to get skippers who normally eschew regatta competition to come join in the fun. They really did, placing 6th and 8th in the final standings.

Menno Haven regaled us with a full continental breakfast (coffee, tea, water, danish pastries, miniature muffins and large platter of fresh fruits) delivered to the gazebo adjacent to the pond which arrived shortly before the Skippers' Meeting. The pond is located on the Menno Haven Retirement Community's Menno Village Campus just on the northwest edge of the Borough of Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. {Chambersburg is about 25 miles west of Gettysburg, at the intersection of I-81 and U.S. Route 30, 28 miles north of the Mason Dixon line in south central PA.} The venue is a small pond with a concrete walkway encircling it. In addition to the gazebo there are two other structures: a large scale model of a mill and a 'covered bridge' along the walkway. Restrooms are just a few steps away -- heated -- which was a bit hit early in the morning! Skippers backed their vehicles up to the vicinity of the walkway flanking the gazebo which made for a short carry distance to the newly installed (just for the regatta) dock/launching platform.

Nine races constituted the morning's session. Doug Wotring dominated the fleet, his only flaw was a 6 in race one -- the rest were bullets! Jim Hermann was second at this point; Mark Fleckenstein in the #3 slot; with Russ Dukehart not far behind; while Fred Maurer held the #5 position with first timer Bud Wolfe just 2 points behind him. Mike Cavanaugh and Chuck Aiken had equipment malfunctions and never relinquished their hold on the #9 and #10 positions.

Box lunches arrived around noon, delivered by Menno Haven's friendly food service people. Most opted to settle in the comfort of shady spots on the grass to take their meal. The morning's racing had required constant attention, and the respite was welcome. The distance between marks in the small pond are short, the rock rimmed perimeter is not inviting and the wind varied in direction and velocity in the manner typical of small ponds in farm valleys. The unwritten rule was: Never take your eye off your boat, not even for a few seconds!

The sunny afternoon saw a slight increase in the wind speed and a shuffle in the 2nd - 5th positions, but Doug Wotring never faltered. He had two 6s for throwouts, but didn't need that as he ran away from the pack. The big move was Fred Maurer who put together 4 bullets during the long afternoon which was enough to move him to #2; while Mark Fleckenstein held on to the #3 position. The First Time Regatta Skipper 1st place award went to Bud Wolfe.

In all 21 races were completed. The race course was an offset/modified rectangle to make maximum use of the limited space of the oval pond. Two laps around the 4 flagged buoys with the final run to the finish line from around a fifth buoy located a short distance leeward of the finish line made up the course. This set up avoided 'lapping' and served to spread the fleet out over the course.

Special thanks to all the Menno Haven staff who made the event possible. Menno Haven's Chief Officer of Marketing Wendy Cowan designed and presented the awards to the top three finishers and the top "First Timer"; and thanks to Anne Cavanaugh who served as Assistant Race Director/Score Keeper.

#1 Doug Wotring 41
2 Fred Maurer 64
3 Mark Fleckenstein 68
4 Jim Hermann 74
5 Russ Dukehart 87
6 Bud Wolfe* 105
7 Pete Houghton 113
8 Harley Fisher 133
9 Mike Cavanaugh 135
10 Chuck Aiken 193
*First Time Regatta Award

Mike Cavanaugh served as Race Director
Doug Wotring
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Postby Fred Maurer » Thu May 05, 2011 3:17 pm

I need to add my thanks to Mike Cavanaugh for his idea and efforts to host this regatta. It was indeed what a one day regatta should be all about. The competition was spirited, friendly, and at all times, good fun. The support rendered by the Menno Haven staff was second to none. They had never seen R/C sailing before let alone hosted a regatta. Their efforts and hospitality was flawless. They did a great job by any measure. I would like to give special tip of the hat to Mikes daughter who was our score keeper.

There was much anxiety and some trepidation reference the small size of the pond (about 40 yards. X 55 yards.) and the fact that we would be sailing relatively large boats. The pond seemed better suited for Footys at first glance. As it turned out, this Tempest in a Teacup worked very well. The small size of the pond was not a factor and in many ways added to the fun. I was reminded on several occasions that you must pay attention when sailing in a teacup. No matter how you sliced this one, it was fun. Thank you Mike.
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Postby dr j » Sat May 07, 2011 7:23 pm

Way to go Doug! Sounds like a fun time.

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