Rules and Posting Practices

Members posting on the Trading Post should be familiar with general common operations and practices with format standards for posting ads.

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Rules and Posting Practices

Postby Rick West » Thu Oct 25, 2012 5:01 pm

This forum will be monitored by the class for the content and standards in posting to assist all sellers and buyers in sharing information. The Moderators are here to help and assist in the overall operations of the forum.

The class is not responsible for incorrect information in ads posted or the conduct of individual interaction here or offline. All boats and hulls should be verified with the class that they are registered and legally allowed to sail in class sanctioned regattas. Please contact one of the Moderators listed by PM with any concerns or questions.

1. Posting on 12 Discussions is by registered members.
2. To post an ad here the member is required to provide Member Profile information with full name, city and state location and maintain a current email address[/i] with their profile.
3. All boats and hulls shall be registered with the class and have a Yacht Registration Number label installed.
4. All ads are posted by the seller, can be edited by the seller and deleted by the seller at anytime. Posting replies to the Topics is blocked. Interaction with the seller should be by their stated choice of communications or PM by default.
5. Ads must begin as a New Topic and the item for sale. There is an example of an ad below for various items. Ads are to be structured like the examples below. This is the standard of a post on this forum.
6. Ads may have one photo attached before the body of the ad (See instructions below). A landscape format and 800x600 pixel file size is suggested for the best effect. Links to other information or photos is allowed.
7. All ads will time out 90 days from the posted date and be deleted. Make a copy of your ad on your machine. You may post it again if needed.
8. The seller is to delete their ads when the item is sold.
9. Retailers cannot advertise, present product or solicit orders on this forum. Boats and hulls will be allowed to be posted as an ad if the item is in stock and immediately available for shipment. Special circumstance may be requested. Contact the Class Secretary directly on these matters.

Ad Format Example:
New Topic Name:
If for a boat the topic name should be: YRN - state of the build. States are Ready to Sail, Fully built and partially built.
If a hull: YRN - Hull
Body of the ad: Manufacturer and serial number, color and condition. Description of the boat and her equipment, the rigs and sails and radio gear if any offered.
The Topic name for all other item is that of the item. Write your ad as you like covering all the items.
Shipping costs if known and method or if the buyer needs to make arrangements.
The area where the item is located.
Price: to include optional item offered. For items pricing can be in the body of the ad with item description.
Contact person: Name and method of contact preferred; email, phone or PM.

Photo Attachments:
Uploading an image to your ad:
800 x 600 pixels images are best for viewing. Locate and size the image and move it to the desktop.
Create and post your ad. Click of the "EDIT" tab at the top. In the edit mode, click on the "Upload Attachment" tab below. A “Choose File” tab will show. Click on this. Your computer hard drive files box will open. Browse to where the image and select the file and then click "Open" in the box. Your image file will appear in the box. Click on "Add the File." The file name will appear with a “Place Inline” tab. Place your cursor where you want the image to appear in your ad and click that tab. The forum formatting language for the image will appear in your ad editing box. You can then move it around to where you would like it.
Preview or Submit to see the image in the ad. You will see the image rendered in Preview mode of the ad. It will then look the same when you Submit to place the ad on the forum. That wasn't tough, Huh?
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