geodesic EC-12 avoiding this

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geodesic EC-12 avoiding this

Postby rs vernon » Sat Mar 26, 2016 9:22 am

Having seen what I call a geodesic EC-12 - a corner in the hull at the deck every 5 inches instead of a nice continuous curve, I was curious how that happened. I started putting a molded deck on a new hull and now see possible factors.
1.Green hull which is a hull that has not been given much time to cure since layup, so it is more limber than one that has "gassed out" over time before the build.
2.Tying floss to the deck flange to pull the hull width in (the usual thing) plus the actual cause of the corner which is putting a slightly too long stick across the boat at the string or maybe moving a correct length stick slightly to the narrow side of the string - like 1/6th inch too far forward at the forward half of the hull. The high tension of the string versus the stick makes a hard spot in the hull at the flange.

Easy to see and to avoid just by looking at the fairness of the hull and moving the stick or replacing the stick with a slightly shorter one to lessen string tension.

Love that builder's site. Thank you, Rick.

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