Equipment chassis

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Equipment chassis

Postby Albert Stall » Mon Jan 18, 2010 11:43 am

I would like to submit an equipment chassis that is one piece, simple to fabricate, and works.

It eliminates the multiple pieces presently required in the Building site chassis and performs the same exact function.

There are no complicated sheet routing, multiple blocks, or multiple parts.

The receiver is velcroed to the side wall of the hull as high as you can get it.

Only one block is used in the bow of the boat attached to the turning block shaft and the shaft is attached to the chassis with one screw. One solid ring is used as the attach point for the sheets and the jib trim is attached to the jib sheet with another solid ring.

A piece of door jamb wedge is used to angle the winch to the bow.

All part are secured with SS or brass 4/40 screws and SS lock nuts. No need for Loctite.

The shaft is hobby aluminum, 3/8OD X .014 wall. It is fitted with dowels on each end about 2" long to prevent collapse of the tube where the holes are drilled for the block and the attachment at the chassis. I use a piece of foam rubber to cushion the bow end where it butts to the hull.

Here is the link to the Picasa web album: ... tft14aqVw#

The rings are solid polished SS and called "popper/jig" rings on Ebay. I used the 8mm OD, 5mm ID, 1mm thick; ... Categories

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Postby Rick West » Tue Jan 19, 2010 1:24 pm

Al I would be happy to present your version at the Building site. It is best for the innovators and authors that I not take such off these discussions. Please prepare a Word file document with noted postions for the images and email it to me.

I need the images separate and in original file size from the camera. I will process them for a website. If this is 8mb+, send me a CD.

I look forward to receiving it.

...94 [8D]
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