New ballast in old relic Hickman

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New ballast in old relic Hickman

Postby s vernon » Sat Jan 16, 2010 12:19 pm

My understanding is that the pre-95 standard Hickman hull keel width was almost as wide as the 95 standard hulls. I wonder if anyone has had any luck replacing the 15 pound Hickman slug with a modern store-bought ballast.

I imagine even a $1200 old relic Hickman boat that someone might buy and plan to race in serious competition would need a ballast upgrade along with an RMG and a light deck. That is a lot of effort and money needing to be added to a $1200 boat.

But I am not here to point out the silliness of paying too much for a pre-95 std Hickman, like I say I am curious if the ballast part has ever been done.

Skip A (YRN 1830 which now belongs to Larry Snyder) had a very fast Hickman that Skip built in the early 90's. Small deck beams, Formica deck I assume and it must have had a ballast other than the 15# slug. Maybe an Ozmun ballast or Skip poured it himself right in the hull? I doubt if Skip remembers. The boat was the same hull as Stater's pre-sub boat, but it was all over for Chris's boat when the wind went over 3 while Skip's boat just kept truckin. Chris had a Hitec drum winch in placd of the heavy arm winch and added lead shot/epoxy to bring it back up to 43 inches. That boat was unbeatable in very light wind.

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